Nothing about choosing cremation services in Biggar, SK, prevents families from having a visitation. Not only is it possible before the cremation, but you can also have it after the process.

Contrary to a common misconception, visitation is about visiting the bereaved and offering condolences. It’s different from viewing, where the main goal is for family members and well-wishers to see the body.

Of course, most people combine both, and it’s hard to tell when each one starts or begins, hence the misconception. But knowing this difference is helpful because it informs the kind of visitation arrangements you can make with cremation.

Three cremation services allow a type of visitation —

Traditional Cremation

True, it is the most expensive cremation service. Still, if you want a proper visitation, with the body embalmed and dressed in a ceremonial casket and enough time for visitors far and near to see the deceased, it is the best option.

In traditional cremation, the cremation takes place after the funeral rites are over. The body is embalmed, giving it a fresh, presentable look for public viewing. And the preserved body means the visitation can last days.

After the visitation and funeral service, then the cremation takes place. Arranging a traditional cremation involves a lot of planning, but the effort is worth it if you want a traditional funeral.

And while it’s the most expensive cremation option, traditional cremation costs less than a traditional burial. Plus, you don’t have to buy a casket. Some funeral homes have rental caskets for public visitations.

Witnessed Direct Cremation

Suppose you have a limited budget and don’t mind having a simple visitation that lasts some minutes to hours. In that case, direct cremation is the cost-effective option.

There’s no funeral service, and the cremation professional collects the body from the place of death within a few hours. This window allows for a brief visitation arrangement for those who live nearby.

Close family and friends can see the body before it leaves home or hospital, say goodbye, and express their support to the bereaved. And if you need extra time, you can have a viewing or visitation at the funeral home before the cremation.

Because the body is unembalmed, cremation must take place within 48 hours, leaving no room to organize a proper visitation. But some funeral homes have a private space where a close group of family and friends can have a committal service, say goodbye, and be there for one another.

A witnessed direct cremation also allows the group to see the early part of the cremation process before the body enters the cremation chamber.

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Cremation with Memorial Service

One last option is to have the visitation after the cremation. You can have one before the memorial service and display the cremated remains in an urn that captures the deceased’s personality.

It’s also economical. Without embalming or paying for witness cremation, you can direct your resources to craft a beautiful memorial.

The bottom line is you can have a cremation with visitation and there are different ways to do so.

Whichever service suits your needs, we are here to help. Our cremation services in Biggar, SK, are handled by caring staff who recognize what the day means to you. We are available 24/7. Call us now to get started.