When a loved one dies, it can leave you in shock for a while. The last thing on your mind at that moment is what to do with the person’s cremation ashes once you receive them from your cremation service in Biggar, SK.

Luckily, there are many ways to store cremation ashes once you have them in hand. Here are four different ways to store cremation ashes.

Cremation Urn Vaults

If you have a standard urn for the ashes, you can store them in an urn vault. Cremation urn vaults are designed to keep ashes safe from the elements and prevent damage from being in an uncovered urn.

Urn vaults are made of a thick and durable material designed to last. Cremation urn vaults can be buried in a cemetery, in your backyard, or somewhere that means something to you and the deceased.

Have the ashes incorporated into a memorial object

If you are creative or can afford to commission one, have the cremation ashes incorporated into a memorial object. You can have the ashes mixed into clay or another material or have the ashes bonded to a material and then shaped into an object.

The ashes can be blended into something decorative, like a bowl, vase, or sculpture, or something functional, like a bench or table.

This option allows you to combine your memorial tribute with storing the ashes. Although it may require more effort than simply putting them in an urn, it’s more personal and unique.

Store the ashes in a memorial garden

You can also have the cremation ashes stored in a memorial garden. The memorial garden can be created anew for the deceased or buried in an existing one.

If you have a garden for all of those who have passed on, you can have the ashes of the deceased spread throughout the garden. If the garden is dedicated to a single person, have the ashes stored in a decorative container and placed inside the garden.

A similar option is to plant a tree. You can bury the ashes with the tree or place the container beside the tree. Whatever is convenient for you.

Store in a Columbarium

A columbarium is a building, room, or area where urns are stored. In addition to preserving the ashes, a columbarium can serve as a place for grieving family members to visit and reflect on their loss. The building may contain benches or other places where visitors can sit quietly and remember a loved one.

Many people have their loved one’s cremation ashes stored in a columbarium because it offers an alternative to scattering them.

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There are many options to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. You only have to choose something your loved one would appreciate.

Choosing where to store your loved one’s ashes is a big decision, and we hope we’ve inspired you on the right choice.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us. We provide cremation services in Biggar, SK, and our professionals are ready to help. Call us now to get the answers you need.