When evaluating the best cremation service in North Battleford, SK, for you or a loved one, it’s necessary to know the pros and cons of each service. Cremation providers have three distinct services: traditional cremation, direct cremation, and cremation with a memorial.

Direct cremation is popular because it’s low-cost. But it doesn’t include funeral services before the cremation. On the other hand, traditional cremation is a full-service arrangement, with its advantages, despite being the most expensive option.

We discuss some of them below.

Traditional cremation includes funeral rites

The number one benefit of traditional cremation lies in its core nature: it’s a full-service cremation. It includes conventional funeral services like visitation, wake, and funeral or memorial service while the body is present.

Hence, it’s the perfect option if the deceased belonged to a religion that encourages having a proper funeral before cremation. It’s also a convenient choice for families that prefer to honor a loved one in an old-fashioned way.

The body spends some time in a ceremonial casket as a focal point of each event. Only after all major rites have been observed will the body leave for the cremation center.

For families where the deceased didn’t leave a wish, this arrangement allows everyone to have it both ways. Those who want a conventional funeral get one with the body, and cremation with a contemporary service like a celebration of life can happen after.

Allows time for communal grieving

More importantly, this arrangement gives everyone a chance to say goodbye to the deceased without feeling rushed through the mourning process. The cremation doesn’t take place immediately, so the body is embalmed.

This buys enough time for distant relatives and community members to see and offer their last words to the deceased before their body is cremated. The included rites provide opportunities for everyone to mourn together and support each other emotionally.

Less expensive than traditional burial

And yet, traditional cremation costs less than a full burial which offers similar advantages. Much of that is due to the lack of cemetery expenses. You don’t have to buy a casket, burial plot, vault, or headstone.

Funeral homes have ceremonial caskets you can rent for visitation or funeral service. And even if you do decide to bury the cremated remains in a cemetery, urn plots cost significantly less than a full-body plot.

This difference between traditional cremation and burial can save you $1,000 on average. The savings can be redirected towards more intimate ways of saying goodbye, like a celebration of life.

Allows for a unique final resting place

Another reason is flexibility. Not having a body to bury means you can choose a unique final resting place instead of a cemetery. It can be a stadium, park, river, space, or even your house.

And instead of a routine graveside service, you can have a scattering ceremony in your preferred location and whenever you want. Unlike a burial, you don’t have to do it immediately after receiving the ashes.

cremation service in North Battleford, SK

This flexibility allows you to make arrangements based on what your grief allows rather than a preset timeline.

These are some reasons to choose traditional cremation service in North Battleford, SK. Call us if it suits your family’s needs or if you have additional questions. Our experts are available 24/7 to answer them and help you get started.