We all think about how we’re going to be remembered when we’re gone, and Warman, SK funeral homes are giving you the chance to have a say in that. At Cherished Memories Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc, our pre-need services are an ideal way to help your friends and family through the process of saying goodbye. In this article, we’ll look at the biggest advantages of this useful service.

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Everything in Place

One of the biggest stress factors of planning a funeral is making sure all documentation is in place and getting it to the proper authorities. When you use our preneed services, you can take care of this well in advance and have them on file to make it easy for the planning to start. The key documents you’ll need are your birth certificate as well as proof of any memberships you want include, like military affiliation.

Big Details

If you have a specific casket you want, or a plot of land you’ve chosen for burial, the best way to ensure everything is set is to reserve them in advance. Not only will this make the choice easier on your family, but it’ll lock down your claim so there isn’t any last-minute competition. This is ideal for anyone who wants to ensure that the family stays together in a larger family plot, or in an above-ground mausoleum.

Little Details

There are a lot of moving parts that go into planning a funeral, and you can take care of as few or as many of them as you want in advance. If you have a choice of music you want played, or a choice of flower arrangements, we can mark them down in your file. This goes for the people you want involved too – we regularly have people make advance choices for their officiant, memorial service speakers, or pallbearers so they can easily be contacted.

Change of Plans? No Problem!

We know people make major life changes after making advance plans with us, and we’re happy to accommodate any needed changes. If you move and want to be interred and memorialized closer to your new home, we can transfer your file to the funeral home of your choice. Likewise, if you move to our area and want to bring over a pre-existing file from another funeral home, we’ll get in contact with them immediately and meet with you to make any necessary adaptations.

No Financial Stress

The biggest positive of working on pre-need services with us is that you can take care of the financial burden of planning a funeral for your loved ones. We offer both up-front payment, along with installment plans that can take some or all of the financial balance down over years. At most, your family will have a small balance to pay off, making it easier for them to focus on paying their respects.

Our experienced team at Warman, SK funeral homes can help you put your perfect memorial plan in writing years or decades in advance. Contact Cherished Memories funeral Home & Crematory, Inc for more information today.