You will need an urn when you or a loved one choose a cremation service in Biggar, SK. Before you buy a cremation urn, here are the most important things you need to keep in mind:

  • Urns are simply containers

First, it’s essential to understand that an urn is simply a container for holding cremated remains. There are many different materials, designs, and sizes to choose from. Still, at the end of the day, an urn serves a basic function: to hold the ashes of a loved one.

This also means you don’t necessarily have to buy. Homemade containers, especially ones with sentimental value, can be just as appropriate.

  • The Urn capacity matters more than exterior measurements

While it’s natural to focus on the external appearance of an urn, the most important factor to consider is its capacity. Cremation urns are typically measured in cubic inches, and you’ll need to know the approximate weight of your loved one to choose an appropriately-sized urn.

A general rule of thumb is that one pound of body weight equals one cubic inch of ash. So, for example, if your loved one weighed 200 pounds, you’ll need an urn with a capacity of at least 200 cubic inches.

  • You can rent an urn for the funeral service

Suppose you don’t want to purchase an urn outright. In that case, many funeral homes offer rental options for the funeral service. This can be a cost-effective option if you only need the urn for a short time or need time to procure your preferred container.

  • It’s better to prepay for the urn

While it’s possible to purchase an urn after the cremation, it’s generally better to prepay for the urn as part of your funeral planning. This ensures that you’ll have the right size and style on hand when the time comes. It can also alleviate some of the stress of making decisions during an emotionally difficult time.

Prepaying also gives the soon-to-be-deceased person a chance to choose their preferred urn. This can be useful if you prefer to use the urn as a keepsake or wish to use it in any other meaningful way.

  • Exterior measurements only matter for placement

While an urn’s overall size and shape determine where it can be placed (e.g., on a shelf or in a columbarium niche), the external measurements aren’t as important as the capacity. As long as the urn fits in the designated space, the specific dimensions are less critical.

  • You don’t have to buy one from a funeral home

While many funeral homes offer a selection of urns for purchase, you’re not limited to that option. Many online retailers sell a wide variety of urns in different materials and styles, and you may find a more affordable or unique option by shopping around.

Keep this in mind, as some funeral homes rip off families through inflated prices and unnecessary add-ons.

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  • US-made Urns are better

When purchasing an urn, consider where it was made. US-made urns are often of higher quality and cheaper than imported options. There’s also the added fact that buying an American-made urn supports local businesses.

With these points, you’re well-equipped to pick the suitable urn for yourself or a loved one. And if you need a trustworthy cremation service provider in Biggar, SK for additional contextual questions, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help and available 24/7.