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Basic Cremation

People are choosing cremations in record numbers because they are simpler, more affordable and more environmentally friendly than traditional funerals and burials. Cherished Memories specializes in cremations. We provide high-quality, professional and compassionate service to families without the high-cost and high-pressure associated with many funeral homes.


Arrangement Process

First Contact - We start by collecting all necessary information over the phone, in person or using our online web form so we can prepare documentation needed for the next steps.

Arrangements - Our funeral directors will explain all of the options that are available to you. We've included these options in our convenient Cremation Pricing Estimator. Arrangements can be made over the phone and online, or we can meet with you to finalize arrangements. The choice is completely yours.

Documentation - We will complete all of the documentation required for the cremation process.

Completion - After the cremation is complete you may either pick up the remains from the crematorium or they can be delivered to you by our staff. Payment can be made either by cheque or Visa / Mastercard and your Proof of Death Certificates will arrive in the mail shortly thereafter.

Our Frequently Asked Questions can help answer some questions you may have.


Complete Basic Cremation $2,100
GST, PST, Fees & Disbursements Included