Cremation is not a funeral service. Cremation is the process in which the deceased body is incinerated until there are no remains and the ashes are given to the family, usually in some sort of cardboard box. The family of the deceased can then transfer the remains into something more permanent and more attractive, such as an urn. Cremation and funeral services in Saskatoon, SK can guide you through these difficult times.

Cremation, above all direct cremation, is the most affordable way to honor the deceased. In fact, more and more people are choosing cremation over a traditional funeral service because it cuts down on costs. You may live on a tough budget, or maybe you live paycheck to paycheck. Maybe you have no savings at all. And a loved one may have failed to sign a preneed contract that would distribute funds to a dedicated funeral or cremation service that will then be put into a trust fund where it will remain until needed. If this is the case, you may think you don’t have options. But you do.

Affordable Cremation Services at Cherished Memories Funeral Services & Crematory, Inc.

Cremations are becoming increasingly popular because they are easier, more affordable, and ecologically friendly than traditional funerals and burials. Cremations are Cherished Memories’ specialty. Direct cremation is the least-expensive cremation method.

What Is Direct Cremation?

This is a good choice for families on a budget who want something easy. It’s also known as a simple cremation, a low-cost cremation, or a direct-disposal funeral, depending on where you live.
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Different Types of Cremation Services

There are three main types of cremation services. First, there is a traditional funeral service that is held prior to the cremation. Second, there is a memorial service that happens after the cremation. Finally, there is direct cremation in which no service is used.

A Traditional Funeral Service

A traditional funeral service happens when family members want to view the body of their deceased before it’s cremated. If this is the case, the body will be washed and then embalmed to slow down decomposition, and on the day of the service, the licensed embalmer will apply makeup to the face of the deceased to make it look more attractive. Clothing is chosen by the family, and any accoutrements that the deceased used to use all the time or frequently, such as a wedding ring, earrings and eyeglasses, will be put to use when the body is displayed in the open casket.

A Memorial Service

A memorial service is very different from a traditional funeral service. There is no viewing or showcasing of the body. Instead, the body of the deceased is cremated first before a memorial service takes place. So, unlike a traditional funeral service, a memorial happens without the presence of the body. There’s more flexibility when the body is cremated because the family of the deceased can hold a ceremony any place they want, such as their home or a church.

Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is simple. It’s simpler than a traditional funeral service and simpler than a memorial. It is also the most cost-effective in comparison to the other two choices. The deceased is cremated and the remains are given to the family. That’s it. Direct cremation removes all the frills of preparing for the deceased, including embalming. It is the most cost-effective because it only includes the actual cremation process and none of the things that make a traditional funeral expensive and, to some, astronomical, such as paying for a coffin, transportation, or renting out a viewing place such as a funeral home or a church.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

The viewing of a body certainly can’t be matched. Many who are against cremation, especially direct cremation, believe that bereavement can’t happen without a last look at the deceased. They feel cheated if there is no viewing. It feels like the death never happened without them seeing “proof,” the physical body of their loved one. For some, the lack of some sort of ceremony means that family members can’t properly honor and pay respects to the deceased.

However, you can still honor the deceased with direct cremation. Once the family has the cremated remains, they can conduct their own memorial service, which can be held at home, at a church, at a community center, or anywhere you wish. Traditional funerals and memorials tend to be somber and can cause the grieving to become even more distraught. A direct cremation means you can control the atmosphere. Many who choose direct cremation choose to celebrate the deceased’s life. The funeral atmosphere, which can be all gloom and doom, is gone and an “in tribute party” takes its place.

Parting Words

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