Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your costs so much less than the average funeral home?

The reasoning for this is simple, our facility and staff compliment is smaller than most funeral providers, which allows our costs to be much less and allowing us to pass these savings on to the consumer.

Will we receive the same quality service with you as we would with a larger funeral home?

Most definitely, just because we are smaller does not mean you receive less service. We provide exactly the same services and products as everyone else. Our staff has 25 years of funeral experience.

Do you perform cremations at your facility?

Yes. Cherished Memories operates and owns its own crematorium. Your Loved One never leaves our care.

Can the family arrange its own service and just use you for the basic services?

Yes. It is very common for families to arrange their own private services. We are able to provide you with all the necessary services and products that you would require.

Is it possible to prearrange cremation services?

Yes. You can prearrange your service with us and you can pre-fund those arrangements as well. Our open house policy means you can drop by and view our establishment or call anytime for information.

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