Cremation is fast becoming the most popular choice for memorializing a loved one, which is why Martensville, SK cremation services are working harder than ever to serve our clients. At Cherished Memories Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc, our cremation program is designed to help you build a proper memorial for your loved one. In this article, we’ll look at the most frequently asked questions about our cremation services.

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How Is Cremation Performed?

Cremation is an alternative to traditional funeral services that reduces the body to ashes and returns the remains to the family. It’s performed with a cremator, a powerful oven that burns up to 1700 degrees fahrenheit and takes only hours to finish a standard-sized job. Cremation is increasingly popular because it offers more reasonably priced memorial options that put the timing of the service in your hands with no pressure to have everything arranged by the time of burial.

Can I Combine Cremation With a Funeral?

Yes, if you want a full memorial service that takes advantage of our extensive facilities, we offer many packages that offer all our amenities. The service can be held before cremation with the body available for viewing, or after with a cremation vault or urn as the centerpiece. If you don’t want a full service, we offer a basic cremation package that returns the ashes to you quickly so you can plan a private service at your pace.

How Do I Know I’m Getting the Right Ashes Back?

This is a common concern for our families, and we’re proud to say we have among the best security to guarantee accuracy. We have several points of identification where the family verifies the identity before the cremation, and we use heat-proof tags to guarantee easy matching after cremation. You can trust that you’re putting your loved one in the hands of experienced professionals who take great pains to avoid mistakes.

What Are the Most Common Uses for Cremation Ashes?

The most popular choice for our families is a traditional urn, ideal as the centerpiece of a mantle, and we offer a selection of hundreds in many styles. Ashes can also be divided between family members, either in smaller urns or in portable vials or pendants ideal for wearing. If you’re interested in holding a scattering ceremony, we offer scattering urns ideal for safe and easy distribution of the ashes.

Is It Legal to Distribute the Ashes?

Cremation ashes are safe and sterile, since all organic matter is burnt away in the cremator leaving only mineral ash. That’s why it’s legal to scatter ashes in almost any public location, like parks and in the water. If you’re interested in scattering the ashes in a private location like a sports park, this may be possible with the consent of the owner. We can make contact to facilitate an appropriate time and place for a scattering.

If you’re interested in arranging Martensville, SK cremation services, our team can help. Contact Cherished Memories Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc to set up a consultation today.