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funeral services for Saskatoon, SK Cherished Memories Funeral Services & Crematory, Inc. offers quality funeral and cremation services that you can trust at an affordable cost. We started back in 2005, serving families in our community. Throughout the entire arrangement process, a licensed funeral director is always available to help with any questions or concerns and guide you through all your choices, making every option clear to you. Contact us at 306-242-7888 or visit us at 591 Centennial Dr N, Martensville, SK S0K 2T0.

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When the decision about whether to bury or cremate is up to you, which should you choose? Is one option better than the other? The answer is, no. Both options are excellent solutions to care for the remains of a fallen loved one. With that in mind, the decision usually comes down to the preference and practicality of each choice for the circumstances at hand. What you decide is right for you, your family, and the person who has died is up to you. If you’re not sure which is best, a qualified Saskatoon funeral home can provide additional guidance specific to you.

Benefits of Funeral and Casket Burial

For many families and individuals, it’s important for them to keep with family tradition by holding a customary funeral complete with a viewing, funeral, and graveside committal service. Such services are a tried-and-true means of laying a loved one to rest.

  • Viewing or Visitation Hours: This portion of traditional funeral service includes a dedicated time for family and friends to gather together in the presence of the person who has died. The deceased will have been embalmed, dressed, and groomed for the occasion. Those who come can see the remains, and to pay their last respects in a more intimate setting than the formal funeral service. For any who remain in disbelief that the person has died, a viewing is a gentle way to help them come to terms with the reality that they are gone. In this way, the viewing facilitates the healing journey for them. Others find value in sharing their grief with friends and family who also knew and loved the person in life. The sense of community and togetherness makes the pain more bearable for all.
  • Funeral Service: The funeral meeting can be formal or informal, but is intended to serve as a commemorative service where the deceased is remembered for their life. Their story is often shared in a way that highlights their character, personality, achievements, etc. Those who attend the service are reminded of the good this person brought to their life and the world around them. Funerals provide meaning and context to what it means to experience living in this world. Our time may be brief, or it may be long. Funerals remind us of the awe-inspiring wonder of it all.
  • Grave Ceremony: Families and close friends often gather at the side of the grave for one final and brief moment before or after the casket is lowered into the earth. Readings and traditional rituals of goodbye may be carried out, such as laying flowers or throwing handfuls of soil on the casket. The finality of death becomes real in that moment. Witnessing the deceased as they are carried from the hearse to their grave plot is a moment to remember. Visitors in attendance will remember that moment each time they return to visit the fallen. Burial markers are placed on top of the grave as a remembrance of the deceased.

Benefits of Cremation Service

When choosing between a traditional funeral and cremation service for Saskatoon, SK, cremation care is becoming an increasingly preferred choice for many families and individuals. The benefits of this service are manifold and fill needs in ways that traditional funerals are unable to do.

  • Cost: Cremation Care is affordable compared to traditional funeral services. Surviving families who feel the need to be practical in their final goodbyes are choosing cremation for this reason. But there are other motivating reasons as well. Some families seek simplicity. They don’t want a large funeral affair with so much pomp and ceremony.
  • Environment: For families that are concerned with the well-being of the environment, cremation is sometimes viewed as less impactful on mother nature’s well-being. Without a viewing or public funeral, cremations do not require embalming, or a casket with all of the metal, wood, plastics, and synthetic materials that are created using earth’s precious energy resources.
  • Transportable: Today’s society is highly mobile. Cremations allow families to take the ashes of their loved one with them if they move away.
  • Final Rest Options: Ashes can be laid to rest in the manner best suited to the family or deceased’s wishes. They can be inurned and buried, placed in a niche of a columbarium, scattered in a beautiful place, or kept at home close by.
  • Memorial Services: The body of the fallen is not present at a memorial service. This makes memorial services more convenient to schedule at a time when all can attend.

A Trusted Funeral Home and Cremations Provider for Saskatoon, SK

When your family needs help caring for a loved one that has died, call on our professional funeral team for support. Cherished Memories Funeral Services & Crematory, Inc. is a family-owned funeral home and cremations provider for Saskatoon, SK. Find us at 591 Centennial Dr. N Martensville, SK S0K 2T0. Our phone number is (306) 242-7888.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

  • What are the different types of cremation?
    There are 3 main types of cremation services.
  1. Traditional funeral service that is held prior to the cremation.
  2. Memorial service that is happens after the cremation.
  3. Direct cremation in which no service is used.
    Learn more about the types of cremation here.


  • What is the basic cost of cremation?
    Our complete basic cremation starts at $2310. For other additional services or customizable service, you can check out our cremation pricing estimator.


  • What are the different ways to arrange a funeral?
    Arrangements can be made over the phone, online, or we can personally meet with you to make discuss arrangements. Learn more.


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