Funeral homes in North Battleford, SK, offer various services and support to help families and friends honor their loved ones. Many of them are arranged immediately after death, but there are memorial options for a death anniversary. But if you would rather organize something on your own, there are plenty of ideas to choose from:

Visit their resting place

Visiting the grave or memorial of the deceased is a common way to mark a death anniversary. You can bring flowers or candles and spend some quiet time reflecting on their life and the memories you shared. You can also say a prayer or recite a poem. While this works best when there’s a burial spot, you can still visit their scattering location or a symbolic place that represents them.

Hold a memorial service

If your loved one did not have a formal funeral or if you want to have a special remembrance, holding a memorial service is a fitting way to honor them. You can invite family and friends to gather and share stories, play their favorite music, and light candles in their memory. You can also create a photo slideshow or a memory board to display their pictures and mementos.

This is an especially good idea because there’s no need to rush, unlike a funeral after the passing. You can take your time to plan something that captures the feeling of the day.

Make a donation or volunteer

Donating or volunteering for a cause that was important to your loved one is an excellent choice on a day like this. For example, you can donate to a local shelter if they were passionate about ending homelessness. If they were an advocate for education, you can donate to a scholarship fund or volunteer at a school. Doing something positive in their name can help you feel connected to them and give back to the community.

Host a gathering or dinner

If your loved one was known for their love of food or entertainment, hosting a gathering or dinner in their honor is a fitting tribute. Prepare their favorite dishes or order from their favorite restaurant and invite family and friends to share stories and memories. You can also play their favorite music or watch a movie they loved.

Create a memorial project or art

A death anniversary is an opportune time to let out your creative side. You can make a scrapbook or a memory box filled with their pictures and mementos, create a painting or sculpture that captures their essence or write a poem or a song that celebrates their life.

The result doesn’t have to be great or even good. It just has to carry the breadth of emotions you feel on a difficult day like this. When you finish, you can display your work in your home or share it with others who knew your loved one.

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Practice self-care

Marking a death anniversary can be an emotional and challenging time, and it’s necessary to take care of yourself. Practice self-care by doing activities that bring you comfort and peace, such as going for a walk in nature, meditating, or taking a relaxing bath. You can also reach out to a therapist or a support group if you need to talk to someone who understands.

And if you don’t feel like doing anything, that’s okay too. Death anniversaries can be overwhelming, and how you acknowledge the day is up to you.

If you need additional support during this difficult time, our North Battleford, SK funeral home can guide and assist in planning a fitting tribute to your loved one. No matter how you choose to honor their memory, know that your efforts are a beautiful expression of your love and respect for the life they lived.