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Thank you all for being here today. We know that many of you had to travel a long distance. My name is Crystal. I am Hazel’s youngest daughter, this is Dione, the second eldest and our Aunty Jackie. Hazel Margaret Lacendre was born on June 26th, 1955 in Big River, Saskatchewan. She was preceded in death by her dad, Barney Lacendre; her mom, Mary Beads; her brother, Freddy Lacendre; and her daughter, Christina Lacendre. Hazel is survived by her siblings, children, and grandchildren. Our mother was an incredibly kind, generous and sassy person. She had a difficult life growing up, but she picked herself up, went back to school and got her bachelors in Social Work. Even though she battled chronic illness and was in pain everyday, she always worried about others; whether they needed advice, a helping hand, or were just hungry, she always asked, ‘Did you eat?’. Hazel loved her music, especially Elvis and in her earlier years, you could often find her on the dance floor, dancing or fending off men who wanted to buy her daughters with horses. She also loved good food, whether it was Chinese food, wonton soup, chocolate cake, or a home cooked meal made by Aunty Jackie, which she often fought over with Wally as to who would get the last bit. Her favorite sayings were nutch, lord love a duck, oh for the love of Mike and for Pete’s sake. Our mom was loved by many and will be greatly missed, but she will live in our hearts. Mom, we love you. Thank you for your strength, wisdom, guidance, and incredible love. Goodbye.