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Bruce Jonathan O'Quinn, (DOB Nov. 20, 1962) Passed in peace Tuesday April 3, 2018. Freedom 55. He leaves behind his Mother Norma and 10 siblings, Kokum Rita, Melanie and her family, his 6 children, and his grand children, among others. He is reunited with his father Paddy and Mushum Glen. Bruce was born and raised in Stephenville, Newfoundland. He was the 9th of 11 children. After high school he joined the Navy. A couple of years in, with an honourable discharge, he left the Navy and made his way West. He eventually settled in Regina. Growing up with many siblings and little tv, loving the great outdoors came naturally. He was a bit of a woodsman. Splitting wood and keeping a fire going was not a chore. He embraced it. Bon fires were a passion. Need anything burned, Bruce is no longer your man. He loved camping. No tent required. He preferred a self made lean-to and a bed of boughs. Had to be careful though. Sparks were known to fly. He would be quick to assure everyone that cremation suits his bon fire loving soul. He travelled extensively via thumb (Hitch hiking), across Canada more than once. If offered a bus ticket, he'd respectfully decline with, "I'll shower and shave and put on clean clothes. Someone will pick me up and they'll be happy." This was followed with a chuckle or a silly Paddy side smirk. Bruce took fashion seriously. Going shirtless and wearing a do-rag was common but he wasn't opposed to climbing into a Diabetes Donation bin for some new attire. Instead of flowers, Bruce would admire an unexpected act of kindness to some poor, unfortunate soul. Friendly banter would be a hit too. Everyone who remembers Bruce is asked to celebrate in their own way. A potentially dangerous bon fire or putting alcohol to your mouth would be quite appropriate. "Yes by!! Anything for a laugh!"