Glenn David Mowery, best known as  “Bud” passed away peacefully on June 22nd 2023 surrounded by his loving family; Elsie, his wife , their daughter Denyce, and their two grandsons Michael Glenn and Challen Stryke .

Bud will be greatly missed by all who knew him ..and the family would like to encourage those friends and family members who are able to attend- to please join them for a Celebration of life.  The celebration will be held at 2:00 p.m. on July 22nd 2023 at the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum in Saskatoon the address for the museum is hanger number five on Hangar Road in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Dorrin Wallace and Wayne McIntyre- both lifelong friends of Bud and his family, have been asked to host the celebration but the family encourages any and all to stand up and please say a word or two about their relationship with Bud or perhaps share a story involving Bud with everyone.  The family would like everyone to feel comfortable and welcome and therefore it will be a casual dress affair. For those who choose to show their monetary support, donations may be forwarded to the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum in Saskatoon.
 We hope to see all our friends and family there