On October 5th, 2021, the world lost an incredible woman. Merna Gordon (Little), passed peacefully with family by her side, as they brushed her hair and touched up her lipstick. Heaven gained an angel that’ day.
Merna was the eldest of 3 daughters to Marshall and Elna Little, born on Aug 30th 1930, in Boissevain, MB. When the girls were very young, they lost their mother and Merna stepped up to help manage the household.
In the summer of 1951, Merna married Don Gordon on June 30th, in Boissevain. They moved to Brandon, MB shortly after and welcomed their first, of seven children, in April of 1952. Merna started her career with Tupperware in 1964, at the age of 35, to help with the expenses of a large family. In 1966, the family moved to Colonsay to start a mobile trailer park, for workers and their families to live at while working at the nearby mines. For 15 years, the family lived in a home on the Eley property just outside of town, while the managed the 46 lot park.
Merna grew up with very little, so she cherished every gift and collected keepsakes from all of her travels. As her kids moved across Canada, and her Tupperware career excelled, she was blessed with many opportunities to travel. Her travels took her all across Canada and many places in the US, from Hawaii to Florida. Naturally, she collected many things on her journeys, such as keychains, spoons, pens, pins, coins, bells, a_nd fridge magnets. Merna loved everything, especially if it was cute and pretty, or silly and funny. Her collections included owls, turtles, skunks and ladybugs, as well as hot air balloons, teapots, dolls, oil lanterns and yard ornaments.
We can’t celebrate Merna without mentioning her wardrobe! She had outfits for every occasion and every colour, and all the accessories to match. Merna had an extensive jewelry collection and she was very creative in making her own to coordinate perfectly. From Tupperware fridge magnets earrings; to hanging coloured paper clips on a chain necklace and earrings, she would customize it!
Above all, Merna loved to make people smile and laugh and her energy was very contagious. She loved to dance and sing and she participated in the church choir and many skits around the community. Merna loved to dress up, whether for Halloween, a Tupperware meeting or convention. Dressing as a witch was one of her favorites!
Merna had a few catch phrases that many will recognize. One we heard often, was something her mother used to say, “Ho hum, and a bottle of rum!” Another favourite was “Oh for corn sakes” if she didn’t want to swear, even though we know she wasn’t shy to drop a couple curse words! If she was annoyed with anyone, even if they were just trying to help her, she’d call them a doodle bug or brat!
Merna will be missed dearly by all that were fortunate to meet her, especially her classy, sassy, and sometimes smart assey personality.