Every cemetery is going to have different rules and it’s important you follow them when it comes to anything you want to do for a loved one. First, you need to follow the rules for their headstone and later, the visiting hours and other such things. It’s a good idea to know what the maintenance rules are and what you can and cannot leave on your loved one’s grave and when. The professionals at funeral homes in North Battleford, SK can help you with those suggestions and ideas and you can contact the cemeteries as well. Here are some of the common things you can leave at the cemetery grave.


Flowers are the most common thing that people bring to leave on the grave. It’s a nice decoration that brings more beauty to the natural space and it also can have a lot of meaning behind it. Certain flowers in certain colors have meaning to them and you can send your loved one a message through the flowers you bring and leave on the grave. Some cemeteries let you leave the flowers right on the grave while others want you to put them in vases that are attached to the headstones.


Stones are a nice thing to leave and there are a lot of different options. You can get a heart-shaped stone in a certain color, or a nice, smooth stone with a word or two on it. You can put these on the grave or even right on the headstone to let your loved one know you have been thinking of them.

Grave Blanket

Grave blankets are a nice way to decorate more of the plot. They are beautiful and allow you to lay something out to cover most of the grave at once. You can find them in a variety of locations and they come with flowers, greenery, and in many other ways.

Holiday Décor

Over the holidays, it can be nice to get something for your loved one’s grave. You might get a wreath for Christmas and a flag for the 4th of July. IT shows that you visited over the holidays and it can make others smile when they visit their own loved ones in that cemetery.

No Vases

You aren’t going to want to leave vases in the cemetery, even if they are sturdy, as most maintenance plans don’t allow them. You don’t want something that will tip over and break and it can be a pain for the mowers to move them and store them. If there are any vases, they should be attached to the headstone. Otherwise, put the flowers directly on the grave.

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When you are thinking about what to do for a loved one’s grave, well after their services with funeral homes in North Battleford, SK, the professionals always have ideas and options for you to consider. You can call any time for suggestions and you can get cemetery details from them as well.