The question of how to plan a non-religious funeral is common, particularly for those seeking cremation services in Biggar, SK. Traditional funeral planning is daunting, much more so without established norms that serve as a guide.

But it need not be. Below, we provide tips on how to arrange a non-religious funeral:

First, it’s important to remember that a non-religious funeral doesn’t have to be devoid of meaning or ritual. Many non-religious funerals are just as personal and meaningful as religious ones. The key is to focus on the person who has passed away and the life they lived rather than on any particular religious beliefs.

Second, think about what the deceased person would like. Did they express any wishes about how they wanted their funeral handled? If not, think about their personality and interests. Use your memory of them as a goldmine of ideas.

One idea is to focus on the person’s accomplishments and personal qualities. This could involve sharing stories and memories about the person and displaying photos and mementos that remind people of who they were. You could also consider including music or readings that were important to the person or reflect their personality.

Feel free to add a touch of humor or levity to the ceremony if it feels appropriate and fitting.

Another idea is to integrate nature into the funeral. This may involve holding the funeral outdoors, in a beautiful natural setting, or bringing natural elements like flowers and trees into the ceremony. You could also consider using biodegradable urns, which can be buried in the ground or placed in water, allowing the person’s remains to become part of the natural world.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside the box. A non-religious funeral doesn’t have to follow any set rules or traditions, so feel free to use ideas that mean something to you and your family.

For instance, if you still want to include spiritual practices, consider incorporating non-religious practices, such as meditation or mindfulness, into the ceremony.

Additionally, consider the type of burial or cremation you want and the options available. Some people may choose to have a green burial, where the body is buried in a biodegradable coffin or shroud, and no chemicals are used. Others may opt for cremation and have their ashes scattered in a special place.

Finally, remember that a non-religious funeral doesn’t have to be a somber affair. In fact, many people find that celebrating the person’s life, rather than mourning their death, is a more fitting way to say goodbye. You could incorporate elements of a party or celebration into the funeral, such as games, drinks, and fun activities.

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Also, remember that a non-religious funeral doesn’t have to be a one-time event. You could hold a memorial service or gathering later to celebrate the person’s life and memory.

Overall, the key to planning a non-religious funeral is focusing on the person who has passed away. With personal touches and meaningful elements, you can create a funeral that is truly fitting and fitting.

So, those are just a few tips for arranging a non-religious funeral. If you’re looking for cremation services in Biggar, SK, click here to learn more about our personalizable and affordable options. You can also call us to speak with our licensed experts.