When you are deciding between various services with the professionals at a funeral home in Saskatoon, there are plenty of things to consider. You will first need to decide between funeral and cremation services. Then, if you decide to go with cremation, you will have to decide between full and direct cremation services. Before you make a decision one way or the other, you need to know what comes along with direct cremation from the funeral home professionals. Direct cremation is honorable and respectful as well as simple and straightforward.

The Person Is Transported To The Crematory

The first thing that needs to happen when your loved one passes on is the need for transportation. Your loved one will need to make their way from the place of their death to the funeral home. The professionals you hire for the cremation process will take care of that for you. Once they know where your loved one is, they will take care of those arrangements and make sure your loved one is treated with dignity and respect during that process.

The Person Is Cared For

After your loved one is placed in the right hands, and transported to the funeral home’s facilities, they will be cared for in the proper manner. You might have to deal with the paperwork and funeral plans and make decisions along the way and in the meantime, you don’t have to worry about your loved one not having what they need.

Their Body Is Prepared

When the paperwork is ready, you are going to want to proceed with the cremation process. Direct cremation happens at a fast pace and you are going to want to be certain that’s want before you sign the cremation consent forms. Once the cremation process is ready to move forward, your loved one’s body will be prepared. That doesn’t take much effort, but if they are wearing anything metal, or have any medical metal devices inside them, those will have to be removed. They can also be dressed in anything you want to have them in for the process.

The Cremation Is Carried Out

Once their body is ready, the cremation can continue. They will be placed in the crematory, which will be heated to a high degree. There won’t be any fire or flames connecting with their body, but instead, the high heat will change the form of their body to the ash-like form. After that process is complete, the ashes will be left to cool.

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Remains Are Placed In A Container

When they are ready, your loved one’s remains will be placed in the proper container. The funeral home will provide a simple container, or you can purchase an urn of some sort for that part of the process. After the remains are in that container, they can be returned to the family for a memorial service, the final resting place, scattering ashes, or other things you might want to do after the cremation with funeral homes in Prince Albert, SK.