You want the best for your loved one, and so finding a funeral home who will take care of the body may be difficult. You want a home that is reputable and ethical. The preparation of a deceased can occur in many forms. With the right funeral home, your needs will be seriously considered and will meet your religious and cultural beliefs. The products and services of a cremation and funeral service in Saskatoon, SK may be your best bet.

Many things concerning the disposition of a body can change. You can embalm the body for a viewing or you can cremate it, which means the body will not be seen as it is when there’s an open coffin. What doesn’t change is your need of a funeral home.

A funeral home is where everything happens after your loved one dies. First, the body is removed from the place of death and immediately taken to the funeral home. Nothing will be done until you have the final say in the planning. Second, the body is bathed and disinfected for the safety of the funeral directors and funeral staff. This also helps delay the body from decomposing. Third, the family of the deceased will confirm how the body will be treated. If it’s a traditional funeral service, the body will be seen, such as when there’s an open casket.

If that’s the case, a licensed embalmer who, in most cases, is also a funeral director, will place tubes in the carotid artery and jugular vein in the body. Embalming fluid is pumped into the tube placed in the carotid artery and then a suction pump drains the blood in the organs. The process of embalming is to temporarily preserve the body. This is so that the family of the deceased has the time to schedule and hold a funeral service. It also makes it easier to transport the deceased.

The next step is for the family. If there’s an open casket, the body will need to be clothed and seen in the way when the body was still alive. That means choosing the deceased’s favorite outfit, whether that’s a formal suit with tie or something more relaxed. If the deceased used to wear glasses or any accessories, such as jewelry like a wedding ring or a string of pearls, then those will be incorporated in the dressing. The day of the funeral service, the licensed embalmer will apply makeup to the deceased’s face to make it more presentable. It should be noted that some cases will require a closed casket service because of too much damage to the body. If this is the case, the body can’t be embalmed.

The moment your loved one dies is the time when you have to decide on a funeral home. Cremation and funeral services at Cherished Memories Funeral Services & Crematory, Inc. will be there for you with to make things go smoothly. You can talk to the experts here by visiting our offices at 591 Centennial Dr N, Martensville, SK SOK 2T0. Or, call if you need additional information: (306) 242-7888