Cremation is not the only option for those who don’t want a traditional funeral. Cremation services in Biggar, SK, also offer direct burial: a burial option that serves the same purpose but for people who prefer burial over cremation. A direct burial is a burial option that does not include a formal funeral or pre-funeral events. The body goes directly to the cemetery immediately after death. Besides the absence of funeral rites, a direct burial casket involves a simple container instead of an expensive or elaborate casket. And there’s no need for embalming. Hence, it is the most affordable form of burial.

Other advantages of direct burial include less planning stress. Since the scope of planning is very limited, families can avoid or delay the stress associated with planning a traditional burial. They also have more time to grieve without worrying about a funeral. Direct burial gives families and communities extra room to plan and prepare a personalized memorial service at a later date.

How Does Direct Burial Work?

The basic process of a direct burial is no different from a traditional burial. After leaving the place of death, the body inevitably ends up underground in a cemetery. The main difference here is the timeline.

First, once arrangements have been made, the funeral home collects the body from the home or hospital.

Next, you and the funeral home take care of all necessary paperwork. This includes permits for burial and the death certificate. A medical investigation might be required if the deceased passed under exceptional circumstances. All of this goes under official necessities.

Finally, once the necessary legal papers have been filled and signed, the funeral home transports the body to the cemetery for burial.

The significant difference between direct and traditional burial is at no point is the funeral home expected to help the family arrange a memorial or graveside service. That said, families can hold a small service on their own at the burial, as long as the cemetery allows it, usually for a small service fee.

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Cost of a Direct Burial

A direct burial is the cheapest burial option, but it’s still more expensive than direct cremation. That is because while many additional burial costs are gone, it still involves securing a burial plot, which is costlier than buying an urn or reserving an urn plot.

If you choose to have a direct burial, here is what you will have to pay for:

  • Casket
  • Burial plot
  • Headstone

You also have to pay for service fees that cover: filing the paperwork, storing the body, and cemetery arrangements. This basic service fee also covers transportation from the place of death to the funeral home. But you will have to pay an additional fee to transport the body to the gravesite. Considering having a direct burial? Our Biggar, SK cremation services are at your service. Our prices are transparent, and our funeral directors are available 24/7 to assist you throughout the process. You can start making arrangements online, in person, or by calling us now.