The last thing families want to do after one of their loved one dies is to deal with a funeral home to make arrangements for a funeral service or a memorial service. Basic or direct cremation is simpler. There is no body to be prepared, no body to be embalmed for a funeral service as the body is not seen upon death and is cremated, removing the high costs of planning a funeral. Cremation and funeral services in Saskatoon, SK is a family business that has all the products and services you need held under one roof. For example, the funeral home has an on-site crematory, which means that the body doesn’t need to be outsourced to another facility. If this happens, the off-site crematory might not be ethical in the way they treat the body. And using a family business is often something to look out for, as they treat you the way you would like to be treated.

What Happens inside a Funeral Home

A body is brought to a funeral home and the first step is to embalm the body to delay decomposition. For a traditional burial, a licensed embalmer at a funeral home will place tubes in the carotid artery and jugular vein. Embalming fluid is pumped into the tube placed in the carotid artery and then a suction pump drains the blood in the organs. The next step is to wash the body and dress it with clothes chosen by the family, and then makeup is applied to the face during the day of the funeral service to make it more presentable. Since the loved one’s body begins to change immediately after death occurs, bathing and disinfecting are necessary. Being embalmed means that the deceased will be viewed in an open casket service. But a funeral home can also prepare the body for a closed casket service because of family wishes and preferences or because the body can’t be embalmed because of too much damages.

Other Responsibilities of the Funeral Home

The funeral home is responsible for moving the coffin with the body inside of it to where the funeral service is to be held. If the funeral ceremony happens at the funeral home, there is obviously no need for a transportation. For a burial, the coffin will be taken to the grave, where it will be lowered into the grave right after a service. The service allows for “closure” for some family members, and during the service, this is the final moment where the family of the deceased loved one can properly mourn in a public ceremony.


It’s not easy making funeral arrangements when you are under duress and are grieving. That’s why many turn to direct or basic cremation, which gives them flexibility. They do not need to make the big decisions. Many time-consuming services and preparations are eradicated during direct cremation and costs are significantly reduced.

A lot happens after a loved one passes, and the logistics may not go as according to plan. But often, with the right funeral home, things remain as instructed. Cremation and funeral services at Cherished Memories Funeral Services & Crematory ensure the process will go as smooth as possible. For convenient ways for you to easily arrange or get a quote on services, you can talk to the experts here by visiting our offices at 591 Centennial Dr N, Martensville, SK SOK 2T0. Or, call if you need additional information: (306) 242-7888