It’s not uncommon for families to choose a celebration of life instead of a traditional funeral service when working with a funeral home in Biggar, SK. It’s a lighter service where guests celebrate and share fond memories of a late beloved.

This difference in approach applies to the dress code too. A celebration of life requires clothes with brighter colors to match the feeling of excitement. Based on that, dark colors may be inappropriate since they represent a traditional funeral’s gloomy, somber mood.

When it comes to style, business casual attire is a safe choice. For women, this could be bright day dresses, blouses, or flowing tops with a skirt or jeans. Men can wear button-down shirts, jeans, or a lighter color suit.

However, not every celebration of life is a luncheon or dinner. Sometimes, it’s more elaborate and themed, and figuring out what to wear depends on specific factors –

The venue

The location of the celebration of life largely informs what to wear. Celebrations of life are less structured than traditional funerals; they can be held anywhere. Some informal venues include movie theaters, restaurants, parks, local halls, etc.

There are also highly personalized venues like mountain tops, on water, and the beach. While business casual may be acceptable for an upscale restaurant, a ceremony at a mountain top requires activewear.

Type of event

There are different types of celebrations of life. Each is defined by the theme, which can be based on the deceased person’s passions, beliefs, hobbies, and values. A celebration of life for a hiker is not the same for a musician.

Consult the host family to learn what to expect if the invitation doesn’t provide answers. Knowing the type of celebration of life will enable you to plan accordingly.

Scheduled activities

One other thing to consider is what you’re going to do there. Guests can be more involved in a celebration of life. A ceremony that includes painting may require wearing something casual you don’t mind getting ink on.

Knowing the scheduled activities ahead also helps you pack relevant accessories. It’s common for celebrations of life to have different parts: a formal dinner and an activity or two in honor of the deceased.

Even if you later wear something bright and casual, you may need to pack swimsuits or jerseys too.


Lastly, dress for the weather. No matter what the location or event theme, you should feel comfortable. When you are relaxed, it will allow you to be present and participate meaningfully in the service.

Wear light and breathable clothing in warm weather and thick and layered clothing in cold weather. And if the weather feels unpredictable and the ceremony is outdoors, it’s okay to pack a change of clothes.

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Above all, whatever dress the event calls for, dress conservatively. It’s still important to respect the deceased in a celebration of life. Avoid wearing anything that may draw negative attention.

Contact us if you need a funeral home in Biggar, SK, to help you plan a celebration of life. The dress code is one of many details we will handle for you, and we’re always available to help. Call us now to speak with our caring staff.