Cremation services in Martensville, SK are on the rise these days. That’s because they are affordable and flexible. The last thing you need while grieving over your deceased is scrambling to find money to pay for a traditional funeral service. You may live day to day on a budget, or maybe your loved one didn’t put a preneed in place and the costs come back to you. If you think cremation services looks cheap, or that an affordable cremation fails to honor your loved one, cremation options with professionals will walk you through how dignified a cremation actually is.

Different Types of Cremation Services

There are three main types of cremation service to consider:

First, there is a traditional funeral service that is held prior to the cremation. This option allows family and friends to see their loved one’s body before cremation. Here, the body is embalmed to preserve it for viewing. The family has a visitation and funeral service, just as they would for a traditional burial. But then, instead of moving to the cemetery and going through with a burial, their loved one is cremated. After that, they can scatter ashes or do whatever they’d like.

Second, unlike a traditional funeral service, a memorial service occurs when the deceased has already been cremated. Any reception thus happens without a showing of the body. Flexibility is key here; the family of the deceased can hold a ceremony anywhere, from a church to a private home, because the body has already been cremated. The cremation takes place first, then the memorial service happens.

Third, a direct cremation is when the deceased is cremated immediately after death, and the remains are given to the family. The reason why direct cremation is what most people choose is because it’s affordable. There’s no need for embalming, renting out a space like the funeral home buying a coffin or paying for other products and services. You can save thousands of dollars using direct cremation. It also gives you time. Many times, the family is not ready for a ceremony or can’t even handle it because they are in mourning and in grief. With direct cremation, you can choose when and where to hold some kind of ceremony. There can be a memorial a month down the road or a simple ash scattering with close loved ones in a week or longer.

Cremation services in Martensville, SK has a procedure and process that makes it easy for clients to understand what’s going to happen, how, and when. If you have questions about any of the services you want for your loved one, contact the professionals at Cherished Memories Funeral Services and Crematory, Inc. We’re located at 591 Centennial Dr N, Martensville, SK SOK 2T0 and we welcome you to our facilities to take a tour, speak with us in person, look over packages, and ask questions about details. Or, call if you want to hear some things before you make an appointment at (844) 302-7888.