Thank you for visiting and welcome to my first blog post. I promise to keep it short and hopefully it provides some insight or some entertainment. The last thing I want to do is bore you.

For the first post, I wanted to write about why I became a funeral director. When I was in Grade 9, my father started a funeral home. The profession intrigued me from the outset. I felt a Funeral Director could impact families and help guide them through a very difficult time and I knew it was something I wanted to do.

When I was 16, I began driving the Hearse for my Dad’s Funeral Home and that evolved into assisting at Services. I realized immediately that this is what I wanted to do. At that time I also liked the idea of “Apprenticing” – getting paid while going to school sounded like a good idea to an 18 year old Kevin. So it was off to Alberta and the start of the journey to becoming a Funeral Director and Embalmer with my first stop at Yewchin’s Funeral Home in St. Paul, Alberta followed by Memories Funeral Home and Crematorium in Edmonton.

The driving force has always been and continues to be to help people. 24 years later, and I still say to my boys as I leave for my funeral home, “I am not going to work, I am going to help people.” It has truly been my privilege to continue what I feel is my purpose of helping people. The profession has changed significantly in the past 24 years but the mission of “Helping People” remains the same.

Now we offer many, many different ideas, suggestions and opportunities for families as they remember their loved ones. This is something I feel strongly about – there is no “one way” or “right way” to do things. It is all about each individual family and their choices and needs that we are privileged to guide and assist them through this part of the journey.

Why I became a Funeral Director? I get to help people. What an honour! I wish each of you happiness, health, friendship, prosperity, security, peace of mind, good family relationships and hope as we come to the last month in 2018!