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    1 Hour Family Gathering

    A family gathering of up to 25 attendees and held at any of our pre-designated locations with an urn present. Flowers, catering, and other services can be arranged.

    Memorial Service

    A 2 hour visitation incorporating a brief formal or ritual service if desired with an urn present. Our staff can arrange for everything, including flowers and catering if desired.

    Visitation and Reception

    A 2 hour visitation followed by a service and ceremony. Families also have the option of a graveside service after the ceremony as well as a reception if necessary.


    Being able to see a loved one before a final disposition is helpful for a sense of closure. This is not necessarily a funeral service, but an opportunity to briefly say goodbye for before final disposition.

    Witnessing of Cremation

    Witnessing of a cremation is a service where families wish to witness the actual cremation process. This is a very common request since this type of brief ceremony provides families and friends with a feeling of closure.

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