Prearrangement Form

Our prearrangement form is for those who wish to pre-fund their service through the use of a Purple Shield Policy. This is the information we need in order to fill out all of the necessary documentation. If you would prefer to call or meet with us to communicate this information you may do so as well.

If you only have some of the information please fill out as much as you can. The remaining information can be later submitted here or communicated to us over the phone.

If you would like to pre plan for our services but pay for them at the time of need please fill out our Information Form instead.

Purchaser's Information

Next of Kin/Executor Information

Beneficiary's Information


Would you like more information, or to have us organize, one of the following services?


A family gathering of up to 25 attendees and held at any of our pre-designated locations with an urn present. Flowers, catering, and other services can be arranged.


A 2 hour visitation incorporating a brief formal or ritual service if desired with an urn present. Our staff can arrange for everything, including flowers and catering if desired.


A 2 hour visitation followed by a service and ceremony. Families also have the option of a graveside service after the ceremony as well as a reception if necessary.


Being able to see a loved one before a final disposition is helpful for a sense of closure. This is not necessarily a funeral service, but an opportunity to briefly say goodbye for before final disposition.


Witnessing of a cremation is a service where families wish to witness the actual cremation process. This is a very common request since this type of brief ceremony provides families and friends with a feeling of closure.

Our History

What if low-cost funerals were a promise and not just a slogan? At Cherished Memories – it is a promise. Kevin Martens began working in funeral service alongside his father while still in high school. After graduating in 1994, he decided to move to Alberta and embark on his funeral service career. Kevin took his funeral director and embalmer training in Alberta through Mount Royal College and earned the award for the Highest Academic Standing. He was licensed as a funeral director and an embalmer in 1998.

Kevin, along with his wife Charmaine have 4 boys. They are very involved in the community including sporting activities, church and municipal politics where Kevin serves as Deputy Mayor. They started Cherished Memories in 2006 with a mission to serve families with compassion and complete honesty while providing the lowest costs in the area.

Some Funeral Homes claim to be low-cost, but for Cherished Memories it is a promise – not just a slogan. Contact Kevin & Charmaine for compassionate, honest and transparent services and fees. They have saved families thousands of dollars. Cherished Memories – pushing the boundaries of tradition.

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