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Understanding Cremation in Terms of One’s Culture

Cremation goes hand in hand with affordability and flexibility. Cremation services in Saskatoon, SK is something that has risen in popularity over the years, in large part, because the culture surrounding the cremation and funeral industry is more accepting of this method. These days, there’s more to a cremation than cost and allowing time for the family to grieve when using direct cremation. Funeral directors take into consideration that the world is multi-cultured and that people from all walks of life and who come from different backgrounds often take into account their spiritual and religious beliefs in terms of disposition. Many families base their final service decisions on their religion. At the same time, religions are more flexible today and allow families to decide if cremation is right for them. And some religions even mandate cremation.

How to Decide if Cremation Affects Your Religion

When it comes to the body disposition, take into account the practices of your religion or culture. If you and your family are agnostic and there’s nothing about your culture that dictates how to prepare for the deceased, you’ll have it easier because you can go either way. For some, cremation isn’t affected by religion. For others, cremation is strictly forbidden. If you have questions about your religion’s take on how to prepare the deceased’s body, it’s always good to consult your priest, pastor or spiritual advisor you may have.

Religious Beliefs in Practice

Before the 1960s, the Roman Catholic Church forbid cremation. But even a religion notorious for following its rules can start to change based on how their worshipers are acting. Such was the case for the church and these days, since 2016, the Pope allowed for cremation but for one caveat: the ashes of the deceased must be kept in a a sacred location such as a church cemetery.

Meanwhile, Protestant religions accept cremation and this decision is entirely up to the family members. Other religions like the Eastern Orthodox are strict, and do not permit cremation. The Jewish doctrine used to forbid cremation, but nowadays the practice is accepted, but the type of Judaism practiced also follows strict rules. Jewish conservatives permit cremation, although the preferred method is some kind of burial ceremony. As for Reform Jews, cremation is not only left up to the family, but is also becoming increasingly more popular.

Customs Also Affect Your Decision

To be thorough, religion isn’t the only thing to consider. Your family may have their own customs and traditions. They don’t have to be recognized, and they could just be like how a family prepares the holiday. Maybe a family always cooks ham on Christmas day. That’s a tradition if done year after year. Take into account the opinions of other family members. If you love your family, this is the best way to please everyone.

As you can see, cremation isn’t all that easy if one takes into account one’s religious belief or culture. If you want to follow your faith or leaning toward ignoring it, you can learn more about cremation in Saskatoon, SK. Visit Cherished Memories Funeral Services and Crematory, Inc. by calling us at (306) 242-7888 or visit us at 591 Centennial Dr N Martensville, SK S0K 2T0.

funeral homes in Warman, SK

What Happens at a Funeral Home

Only the best will do for your loved one when they passed away. You want a company that is reputable and has great recommendations. But what do funeral homes in Warman, SK do for your family member and the rest of your loved ones?

The Necessary Background for a Licensed Funeral Director

A funeral director must be licensed and a trained professional. Most hold an undergraduate degree and has attended a mortuary college. In most cases, it’s the funeral director’s license that helps manage the funeral home in an ethical way. It is the funeral director whom you will work with when it comes to caring for your loved one. Before you agree to work with a certain company, make sure they have the proper licensing to ensure they know how to handle funeral services properly. It’s also good when they have a long history in the community with a proven track record.

The Goal of the Funeral Home

Funeral homes want is to provide customers with the necessary resources for a personalized ceremony in any manner that is appropriate to one’s cultural beliefs, lifestyles and the wishes of the family. They do that by offering a variety of packages and they will also customize anything your family wants to make the services unique and special for your loved one.

What the Funeral Home Will Do for You

The funeral home is available 24 hours a day so that when a loved one passes away, the family members can make an immediate call. You don’t have to wait until the next day or even the next hour. You can call right away and start the process. Your loved one is important and they deserve proper care, no matter what time of the day or night it might be—holidays included.

Taking Care of the Paperwork

The funeral home will handle all administrative matters such as filing the death certificate, publishing the death notices and obituaries in newspapers of your community, and file death claim benefits. This can help you get everything in order without having to do nearly as much leg work yourself.

Products and Services You Need

The funeral home provides you with the options in procuring the casket, the vault, the urn, and the memorial chest, for example. Funeral directors may be in charge of coordinating plans that you want to have for your loved one. They will arrange transportation for you and your family prior to, during, and after the funeral. Details like the following are also considered based on the needs and desires of the family. The funeral home will provide music, flowers and other things to make the service more individualized. Lastly, they will supervise visitations, ceremonies and processions. Whatever you want, they will implement for you.

The moment your loved one dies is the time when you have to decide on a funeral home in Warman, SK. Cherished Memories Funeral Services and Crematory, Inc. is here for you whenever you are ready to take steps towards final services for a loved one. Call us at (306) 242-7888 or visit us in person at 591 Centennial Dr N Martensville, SK S0K 2T0.

Cremation services in Martensville, SK

What You Need to Know About Cremation Services

Cremation services in Martensville, SK are on the rise these days. That’s because they are affordable and flexible. The last thing you need while grieving over your deceased is scrambling to find money to pay for a traditional funeral service. You may live day to day on a budget, or maybe your loved one didn’t put a preneed in place and the costs come back to you. If you think cremation services looks cheap, or that an affordable cremation fails to honor your loved one, cremation options with professionals will walk you through how dignified a cremation actually is.

Different Types of Cremation Services

There are three main types of cremation service to consider:

First, there is a traditional funeral service that is held prior to the cremation. This option allows family and friends to see their loved one’s body before cremation. Here, the body is embalmed to preserve it for viewing. The family has a visitation and funeral service, just as they would for a traditional burial. But then, instead of moving to the cemetery and going through with a burial, their loved one is cremated. After that, they can scatter ashes or do whatever they’d like.

Second, unlike a traditional funeral service, a memorial service occurs when the deceased has already been cremated. Any reception thus happens without a showing of the body. Flexibility is key here; the family of the deceased can hold a ceremony anywhere, from a church to a private home, because the body has already been cremated. The cremation takes place first, then the memorial service happens.

Third, a direct cremation is when the deceased is cremated immediately after death, and the remains are given to the family. The reason why direct cremation is what most people choose is because it’s affordable. There’s no need for embalming, renting out a space like the funeral home buying a coffin or paying for other products and services. You can save thousands of dollars using direct cremation. It also gives you time. Many times, the family is not ready for a ceremony or can’t even handle it because they are in mourning and in grief. With direct cremation, you can choose when and where to hold some kind of ceremony. There can be a memorial a month down the road or a simple ash scattering with close loved ones in a week or longer.

Cremation services in Martensville, SK has a procedure and process that makes it easy for clients to understand what’s going to happen, how, and when. If you have questions about any of the services you want for your loved one, contact the professionals at Cherished Memories Funeral Services and Crematory, Inc. We’re located at 591 Centennial Dr N, Martensville, SK SOK 2T0 and we welcome you to our facilities to take a tour, speak with us in person, look over packages, and ask questions about details. Or, call if you want to hear some things before you make an appointment at (844) 302-7888.

funeral home in Martensville, SK

How to Choose a Funeral Home

You want the best for your loved one, and finding a funeral home who will take care of the body may be difficult. You want a company that is reputable and has great recommendations. You may just find yourself choosing a funeral home in Martensville, SK near you. But what are the costs? Your best bet is to use the products and services of a cremation and funeral service that has transparent pricing.

Shop around for funeral homes. Just because a company is near you doesn’t mean it’s better than one that is thirty miles away. To figure out what funeral home is right for you, call a handful of funeral homes where you will first talk to a funeral director about your options. You can also have the licensed funeral director come to your home. But it’s recommended that you visit the funeral home so you can poke around and get a general sense of what the funeral home is like. Is everyone somber or unfriendly? May that only add to your grief? It’s recommended that you find a funeral home where the funeral director is friendly, courteous, and full of compassion. In contrast, if the director is trying to steer you into a funeral service that you don’t want or is choosing the most expensive products and services like a high-priced casket, avoid that business.

Once you have chosen the funeral home, the initial meeting is where you ask questions and learn about the services offered by the funeral home. Again, if the funeral director won’t properly provide answers or seems not to be listening, move on and find another service.

Family Consultations

A big part of shopping around for a funeral home is trying to get the best deals. If you are living on a budget, you will have to come to a conclustion on how much you want to spend. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a funeral home by accepting their quote and then having to come up with the money. Many people make this mistake.

Your Rights

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s Funereal Rule, you must have your quote or offer written down, as a funeral director may raise the price later. The offer should be itemized in detail to see if some charges you hadn’t requested have been added. Everything should be clean cut, without any hidden charges.

The Arrangement

Choosing the type of arrangement is also important. If you are on a budget, you may choose a direct cremation that erases the cost of embalming and a visitation. You might want to have a funeral service held at your house, which cuts the cost of having it at the funeral home or church. But maybe you have enough money and therefore you can choose a traditional earth burial with embalming, visitation and an elaborate funeral service.

Whatever decision you make, the moment your loved one dies is the time when you have to hunker down and pick a funeral home in Martensville, SK. Cremation and funeral services with the professionals at Cherished Memories Funeral Services and Crematory, Inc. are transparent in price and affordable. Schedule a consultation at 591 Centennial Dr N Martensville, SK SOK 2T0 Canada. Or call if you need additional information: (306) 242-7888.

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