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Larry Pierlot

August 21, 1935 – March 7, 2022 

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear father, Larry Walter Pierlot. He may have left this Earth, but his soul, spirit and legacy will live on. His family was dear to him. Larry is survived by siblings Yvonne Watts, Lorne Pierlot, Brenda (Ron) Buffel and Blaine (Colleen) Pierlot. Larry is also survived by his children Nola Pierlot, Evan “Butch” (Michelle) Pierlot, Charlene Barabanoff, and Michael (Joan) Pierlot. Predeceased siblings are Don Pierlot, Robert “Bud” Pierlot, and Garry “Gibby” Pierlot. Also predeceased are beloved wife Carol Marie Pierlot, daughter Marla Joan Fradette and her husband Philip Fradette, grandchildren Ginnelle (Marla) Fradette and Dustin (Butch) Pierlot. Also surviving Larry are many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. From Nola, Nathan Loiselle, Elicia Loiselle (Nishad Khanna) and their child Ada Loiselle-Khanna, and Devon (Carolyn) Loiselle and their kids Dash and Dex. From Butch, Dustin Evan Pierlot and his kids Sierra Victoria Pierlot and Taylor Patricia Pierlot, and Kristal Dawn (Jarrod) Adams and their kids Hayley Michelle Pierlot, Kynzie Raine Adams and Jet Jarrod Adams. From Charlene, Jennifer Marie (Erik) Ammar and their kids Eric Rami Ammar, Alex Adnan Ammar and Reign Angeles Soriano and Danielle Robyn Barabanoff and her kids Riley Connor Barabanoff, Austin Haven Barabanoff, Kane Mason Barabanoff and Onyx Paul Gulayel. From Marla, Chad Fradette (fiancee Amanda Marshall) and his son Dante Brown, and Kaitlyn Fradette (Tony Dalman) and their kids Miles Dalman and Dexter Dalman. From Mike, Cole Samuel Pierlot. 

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to your charity of choice. 

To celebrate Larry’s life, those who would like to join our Zoom meeting are welcome to do so. It will be at 4 pm Saskatchewan time on March 26th. You can share your favorite story about Larry. Please enter your full name when you join so we can identify you. The link to the call is:

If you knew Larry at all, you knew he had a wry sense of humor and loved to tell a story. His character seemed infectious as he made friends wherever he went, and people always knew Larry. When he moved to the Bentley, it didn’t take long before everyone knew him and everyone had nothing but good things to say about him. Even during his short stay at Central Haven, he made an impact on people. One resident in particular was quite concerned for Larry and how quickly it seemed his condition was worsening. He got to know all the nurses that looked after his wife, Carol when she was going through hemodialysis. He even went so far as to build a playhouse for the kids of one of the nurses. Larry was like that. He would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it. If you needed money, he would give it to you. 

There was nothing more important to Larry than family. He worked very hard to provide for his 5 children. He worked as an Electrician for many years. He and son, Butch ran a successful electrical contracting company which still runs today – Hub City Electrical. Larry’s son, Mike joined the fold for a time before moving on to a different career. There was nothing Larry couldn’t do, or was afraid of doing. Not only was he an electrician, but really a jack of all trades. He transformed a simple bungalow house into a beautiful place with a stone fireplace in an extended living room, adding a car port, garage, covered patio and literally almost completely rebuilt the place. He could do plumbing, woodwork, cabinetry, brick work, foundations, auto mechanics and the list goes on. Larry could be considered an inventor. He came up with so many neat gadgets and things that made his life easier, even creating like a nurse call system so that Carol could call for him if she needed something. He had home hemodialysis put in so that Carol didn’t have to go to the hospital so often, which meant learning how to operate the machine. These treatments went on for years. Larry often spent sleepless nights watching to make sure the treatment was going smoothly. There was nothing Larry wouldn’t do for Carol. They were attached at the hip and did everything together. Larry wasn’t even afraid of public speaking. He was more than happy to stand in front of a bunch of strangers and talk about his experience with Carol and what he went through while treating her, and the loss he suffered when she passed. This was a gathering put on at St Paul’s Hospital where Carol was treated. The microphone wasn’t working and it was difficult to hear the speakers. Larry went up to the stand, cleared his throat, and belted out his speech. Everyone all the way to the back could hear him. 

Larry was born in a farmhouse in Saskatchewan. It was the mid-thirties and times were tough. Larry has many interesting stories about his life growing up, which is included here on the site as a separate link. You are encouraged to read it. There are some very interesting stories there. Larry’s work ethic and diverse skill set was borne from his life on the farm. You will never find anyone who worked harder than he did. Perhaps that’s why he went out the way he did. He no longer had the love of his life to care for, and the only thing keeping him going was the fact that he was strong-willed and good hearted and cared for his remaining family. The family suffered some unfortunate losses recently which really upset him. Grandson Dustin passed away in October of 2020, and more recently daughter, Marla passed away of kidney disease and other complications in October of 2021, and in February 2022, Marla’s husband, Philip passed away. These losses deeply affected Larry and he was powerless to help. He could not travel, and with COVID restrictions, visiting was difficult. 

Since Carol had passed, Larry was now free to travel and see his family in Salmon Arm, BC. They were putting on a memorial for brother, Gib. Larry dearly wanted to go, but needed someone to go with him as he needed a little help getting around. Larry’s son, Mike’s wife, Joan volunteered to go. (Mike couldn’t make it due to work commitments). As it turns out, this worked out very well. Larry had a great time with his family and Joan really got to know the family better. These are memories that Larry cherished as it was his last trip and last time seeing these members of his family. 

Larry passed away peacefully in his sleep. 

Notes from the Kids 

From Nola: 

Dear Dad, 

In the scheme of things I would consider myself fortunate to have had a wonderful caring, loving, honest and best friend in you, my Dad! From my perspective having now been a parent, you were what I wanted to be for my children. I could tell countless stories about my life and the interactions I had with you, Dad. The happy times: sitting in your lap behind the wheel of our family vehicle “driving” the narrow paths around Spring Lake where we spent many a summer taking swimming lessons with all the cousins from Mom’s side of the family. It was important to you that I knew how to change the oil in my car. You and Mom taking me to a theatre to see Wuthering Heights. Watching hockey each Saturday night and of course I would go for the team you weren’t going for (you would accuse me of doing so but I wouldn’t let you know the truth) it was fun and our joke!! 

Just being able to talk to you about anything, and we had our intense conversations about such things as the church, religion and politics! In a few words I would say you were always there when I needed you without judgement. Of course with all relationships. we had our disagreements and intense arguments but we would always be friends through thick and thin. 

You will always be in my heart and thoughts Dad. 

Love Nola 

From Butch: 

One thing that stood out about dad was that he was an amazing artist. He used to draw cartoons on seismic recording paper when he was doing seismic work. 

From Charlene: 

One afternoon dad decided to make some mushroom soup. Well when I went to the kitchen I noticed a container of cream on the counter. I asked dad why the cream was on the counter. He replied, “I don’t know”. I asked him how his soup tasted. He said, “not too good”. I said really. I said may be you got the cream mixed up for milk. He replied, “I wouldn’t do that”. I said, “really, dad?” and I showed him that the milk hadn’t been opened yet. He couldn’t believe he did that. I suggested to throw it out. “Throw it out?? You know I do not waste.” I said, “ok then”. I sat at the table with him but I couldn’t stop laughing. I got the look from dad that told me he didn’t think it was funny. So I made my exit. But later like always we both had a good laugh. I loved his sense of humor. I miss him so much. 

From Mike: 

What makes me the most sad is that dad can’t be here to see the outpouring of support and love for him that we all have. As much as I knew that dad had just days to live, the call from the home that I had been dreading left me trembling with the finality of it. It was over. There was no going back. No more visits. Every time we went to see him, all he wanted to do was make small talk, as if everything was normal. He would ask, “Anything new going on”, or “What’s happening in Ukraine? That Putin still alive?” We struggled even to understand what he was saying. 

As much as one prepares for this, you don’t know what it’s like until you get that call. And then you immediately feel regret for things you could have done better. One thing I don’t regret, though is our last visit with dad, which was his last day alive. It just so happened that Uncle Lorne called while we were there. We answered and had a conversation on speaker phone with him. Some of the stories Lorne told dad put a smile on his face. He was talking about life at a home and how you don’t dare try and change tables at the dining room, or you become something that Lorne couldn’t put the words to. Dad, in his seriously weakened state, said “pariah”. As weak as he was physically, his mind was still sharp as a tack. I can’t help but think that having that conversation with Uncle Lorne put his mind at ease, and that he could then let himself go. Uncle Lorne and dad were very close growing up, and very close in age. 

My dad set a benchmark to which I will always compare myself. He had a strong work ethic and cared deeply for his family. Just as mom and dad were always together, myself and my wife, Joan do everything together. Dad never stopped working. If he wasn’t in his basement office doing electrical estimating, he was doing something with the house, and I was there helping him and learning all these trades. On summer holidays he took me to work with him and I learned how to swear like a sailor while working among other tradesmen. 

Dad had a great sense of humor and was a practical joker. I remember when I was about 5 and Butch would have been 15. Dad was wise to the fact that Butch was smoking in the basement bathroom. So dad, loving a great opportunity to put it over on someone, secretly installed a hidden smoke detector in the bathroom. The rest of us knew what was going on and waited with great anticipation when Butch went to the bathroom. Then we heard the alarm and I had never seen Butch move so fast in his life! He ran out of there like a jack rabbit with its butt on fire! 

Joan and I hosted many dinners at our house, and mom and dad loved the food. It was a great pleasure and privilege to have them over as it seemed like one of the few pleasures that mom could enjoy, being ill with kidney failure. Dad would wheel her in to the yard in her wheelchair, going over some bumps and mom would go “Oh Larry!!” as she didn’t like the bumpy ride. Dad would just laugh. They were quite the pair. 

When it came time to move dad out of the house, as it was obvious he couldn’t stay there anymore, we spent almost the entire summer getting his stuff out of there. Dad never threw anything away, much like his dad. When he moved into the Bentley, he had to have some of his hand and power tools. He just couldn’t be without some tools around. He actually fashioned a system of putting extra pressure on the wheels of his walker out of hacksaw blades used for springs, and wood and felt. He was quite ingenious and resourceful. 

From the time he moved to the Bentley, he needed a lot of help. He could no longer drive and had trouble getting around, more and more as time went on. I felt it a privilege to be the one to drive him around to his appointments and bring him things like chocolate. He loved chocolate. It just had to be sugar free chocolate. 

Dad, I miss you so much. I love you. May you rest in peace, and be with mom forever. 



The Pierlot Family Saga – 1930-1950

Samuel Jackson

July 14, 1965February 13, 2022

It is with profound sadness we announce that Samuel Justin Jackson, 56, of Melfort, Saskatchewan, passed away on 02/13/2022.
He was born to parents Emerson and Doreen, on 07/14/1965 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Sam worked at Good Times Roller Rink as a DJ at a young age!
Samuel worked as a Industrial Painter for many years.
He retired from Schulte in 2021 after being diagnosed with cancer..
Samuel is survived by his daughter Shaylin and his beloved companion for many years Miss Kitty!
Siblings Leeland, Janis, Valerie(Tom), Leah, Colleen.
Uncle to Christopher, Lonny, Blaire, Brett, Angela, Cody, Brittany and Mitchell. Great Uncle to Brieanna, Nicholas, Annabelle, Tyler and Carter.
Aunties Mary Anderson and Marylyn(Max) Eddy as well as many cousins!
Sam was predeceased by his father Emerson and mother Doreen. Grandparents Graham and Ethel Jackson, Grandmother Eva Anderson. Uncle Al Anderson, Uncle Al Glover and Auntie Helen Glover. Cousins Tracy Peat and Gabe Stoehr. Brother Inlaw Ken Steffensen.

Orville Pollard

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Orville Pollard. He passed suddenly at St. Paul’s Hospital, on February 27, 2022, at the age of 98.

Orville was born on August 6, 1923, in Blain Lake, SK. Orville was predeceased by his father Charles Pollard, mother Ellen Pollard, brothers Ivan, Allan, Joe, Judson, and Edwin Pollard, sister Noreen Graham and son-in-law Ron Materi.

He is survived by his loving wife Annie, sisters Pearl Freimark and Margaret Johnson. His children; Lorne (Chris) Pollard, Linda Materi (Hank Van Ham), Darrell (Bev) Pollard and Doug (Marilyn) Pollard.

Numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Orville was a veteran of WW2. He fought with the 6th anti-tank division as a gunner in a RAM tank.
He enjoyed farming, working with horses, fishing and spending as much time as he could with his wife, family and friends.
He was always willing to stop what he was doing to have a visit or help out a neighbour. Orville enjoyed telling stories and playing the harmonica.
When he would get into a story or song, all would stop to enjoy. He will be dearly and greatly missed.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Royal Canadian Legion #63.

Special thanks to the Royal Canadian Legion and Cherished Memories Funeral Home for all of their support and assistance.

Celebration of Orville’s life will be held on Friday, March 4, 2022, at 11:00 am at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch#63, 606 Spadina Crescent West in Saskatoon, SK. Interment to follow at Woodlawn Cemetery.


Vera Shortt

October 5, 1921 – February 26, 2022

Vera was the third of eleven children of Herb and Edie (Crawford) Reid, born October 5, 1921, on the family farm near Renown, SK where she learned all the skills that would hold her in good stead when she had a home of her own. She married in 1943 and though this union didn’t last, she was blessed with the birth of her son, Roger. In late 1945, she went to try her luck in Ontario, where several of her siblings had ventured during the war years.  Her home base there was at Sharbot Lake, where her maternal grandmother Alice Crawford helped take care of Roger while she found employment in Kingston.  By 1952 Vera was ready to return to the family home at Renown, and shortly thereafter she married Harvey Shortt on July 18, 1953.

On May 26, 1956, Vera and Harvey’s only child, Pamela Jean was born. She was a special gift to both Vera and Harvey. From that day forward, Vera devoted her entire life to taking care of that precious babe.  After Harvey’s death in 1998, Vera had to carry on alone, and she never stopped doing her very best. All the nurturing and love that was poured into Pamela’s life gave the two of them a very special bond that has lasted till Vera’s passing on Saturday.  Pamela especially, will miss her dearly.

Vera died peacefully at Sunnyside Adventist Care home on Saturday, February 26, 2022. at the grand old age of 100 years, 4 months and 21 days. She leaves her beloved daughter Pamela and son Roger (Eleanor) Kennedy, 5 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great grandchildren, her brother David (Sherron) Reid and sister Sandra Turner and many, many nieces, nephews, and cousins from the large extended Reid and Shortt families.

Our family is thankful for the compassionate care that Vera received during her time at Sunnyside over the last two years, and before that to Crystal and her staff at Whispering Flowers.

Cremation.  A private family interment of ashes will take place in the spring.

William (Bill) Black

The family of William Elgin Black is saddened to announce the death of our father, grand-father, and great-grandfather. William (Bill) died after a struggle with dementia and myelodysplastic syndrome. Bill was born to William George and Marjorie Black in Regina on December 30th, 1934. As many young men of his time, he left school early to pursue a life in the trades. Bill became a journeyman gasfitter, finding employment with SaskPower at a time when natural gas was being brought to smaller communities.

It was on one of his postings, in Biggar, that he met Lorraine Hoppe who became his partner in life for sixty-four years. Together, they raised a family of four, Jeffrey, Cameron, Cheryl, and Cathy. Their young family moved constantly due to the nature of the job, so in 1968 Bill entered the University of Regina and completed his B.Ed. with distinction, hoping to land a teaching job in his home city and bring more stability to his family. As nothing was available, he moved to Fort McMurray in 1971 and became an administrator at Keyano College where he was able to meld his trades knowledge and academic expertise. He returned to Regina in 1976 to work in adult basic education, before finishing his career with SIAST in Saskatoon in 1996.

A Christmas present from Lorraine in 1971, a Black and Decker table saw, unleashed one of Bill’s many creative talents. With time, he became a very accomplished wood-worker. Good fortune allowed him to have a long, healthy retirement during which he practised and honed his skills. Every household in the extended family is adorned by custom kitchens, clocks, curio cabinets, table and chair sets, beds, carvings and so forth. Soon, the demand came from the outside, as others ordered custom work from him too, including businesses, offices, and neighbours. Bill was also a passionate fisherman. In his earlier years, he enjoyed northern trips with his brother, Robert, and various friends. More recently, he fished with a group of friends from Regina. Eventually, failing health forced him to stay home.

Bill loved travel, and he and Lorraine traveled widely. His first trip was by motor cycle to Mexico when he was just a teenager. With Lorraine, he toured Europe, being especially fond of Germany and Greece, Mexico, Cuba, Turkey and Costa Rica. On their last trip to Mexico, when he was eighty, he astounded his travel partners when he went parasailing. He also traveled to Ghana twice in order to help establish a trades institution in Accra.

Bill is predeceased by his parents, his half-brother, Howard, grandson, David, and two great-grand daughters, Addie and Emma, who were both taken in their first year of life by SMA. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that friends and family make donations to SMA research, or the Alzheimer Society. Bill is survived by his loving wife, Lorraine, sons Jeff of Saskatoon, Cameron (Kathy) of Camrose, daughters Cheryl Black (Trent), and Catherine Rettger (Kim) of Davidson, and grandchildren Daniel Surine (Shannon), Deborah Surine, Jill, Alex and Mark Rettger and two great-granddaughters Ida and Aurora Surine.

Services will be held at Christ Church Anglican in Saskatoon, on March 5, 2022, at 3:00 pm with Reverend Mark Kleiner officiating.

Chad Maury Vellacott

May 1, 1979 – February 1, 2022

Chad, whose tragic death appears to have been accidental, is the dearest, first-born, 42-year-old son of former 6-term MP Maurice Vellacott and his wife Mary Vellacott. Chad’s paternal grandparents were Ed & Mary Vellacott of Quill Lake, Sask. His maternal grandparents were George and Mary Guenter of Hague, Sask. His younger siblings are sister Lisa Little (Paul), Josh, and Jay.

Chad trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior from the penalty of sin as a youngster and was baptized as a believer in his teenage years. He had a good sense of humor and a heart for others. After he got his driver’s license, he would load up the family van with other high schoolers to take to the Saskatoon Lakeview Free Methodist youth group. Chad was a brilliant 99.02 % grad of Saskatoon’s Mount Royal High School in Saskatoon, where he had been a student leader, a comedic school announcer and drama enthusiast. Chad then went on to complete an undergrad degree at Briercrest College, where he also commenced a Master’s degree. He was a drummer at church and Briercrest College, was a summer-time Christian camp counsellor and enjoyed canoeing and the out-of-doors. Chad had an inventive mind with constructing things around the acreage, was savvy with computers, took a great interest in God’s handiwork in the heavens and passed that on to his children.

Chad was diagnosed with schizophrenia 18 years ago (which he resisted). The family is encouraging donations to any Schizophrenia Society, in memory of Chad. He is now completely healed in body and mind in the presence of His Redeemer. In the midst of this long, dark “valley of the shadow of death,” we so much look forward to holding Chad in our arms again.

The funeral service for Chad will be held at Erindale Alliance Church, 310 Perehudoff Crescent, Saskatoon, SK at 3pm on Sunday, Feb. 27th. A livestream will be available at for those unable to attend the service.

Lucy Petko

November 8, 1933 – February 21, 2022

Lucy Petko passed peacefully at her home in Cudworth, Sask. She was predeceased by her husband, Albert, and she is survived by five children and their families. There is to be no funeral service as per her wishes.

Special thanks to the staff at Cudworth Nursing Home for their excellent care of Mom. Your kindness and caring are immeasurable. Don’t forget to feed her fish.

Harry Bennett

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dad, Harry Bennett. Dad passed away in the wee morning hours of Thursday, February 10th, 2022 at St. Paul’s Hospital, in the Palliative Care Ward, in Saskatoon.

Dad was born May 27, 1925 on the family farm in Bickleigh, SK. He was the youngest of nine children. He married the love of his life, Pauline (nee Misouri) in 1959. He farmed with his dad in Bickleigh until 1962, when the opportunity came for him to pursue the dream of owning a full-service garage in Spruce Home, as he loved fixing vehicles.  He then moved on to perfect his welding skills. He was hired as a welder during construction of the pulp mill in Prince Albert, this led to his employment at Woodland Enterprises where he remained until his retirement. Dad spent many an hour in his garage, lending a helping hand to his neighbors, repairing a piece of farm equipment for one of the local farmers, and many times trying to figure out how to design and build something one of his daughters thought of. It was not uncommon to find him brainstorming with his nephew Terry to find a solution to the latest dilemma. He loved the challenge and loved creating with his hands. Often he would be designing a special tool he needed to the job done. He has certainly left his mark with many railings, trailers, hitches, and bumper modifications he made over the years.

Harry is survived by his two daughters; Dorothy Bennett (Harvey Taylor) of Prince Albert, and Lisa (Warren) Morash of Saskatoon, and his brother-in-law Lorn (Sonia) Misouri of Saskatoon. He will be missed by many nieces and nephews from both sides of the family.

Dad impacted the lives of many who were touched by his kindness and willingness to listen. To know our dad was certainly a privilege to many, he was the epitome of a gentleman.

He was predeceased by his beloved wife Pauline, to whom he was married for 43 years, his parents, Fred and May, his brothers Sydney, Reg, and Dick, and his sisters Lily, Kathleen, Mable, Dorothy, and Muriel.

We are planning a “Celebration of Life” service to be held on his birthday, on May 27, 2022. Further details to follow at a later date.

We would like to take this time to thank; Dr. Nigel Painter, Dr. Nico Kriel, Dr. Kishore Visvanathan and his colleagues with the Saskatoon Urology Associates, as well as the nurses and doctors in the Palliative Care Unit, for providing dad with such wonderful care during his illness.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in Harry’s name to the Palliative Care Unit at St. Paul’s Hospital, 1702 20th Street West, Saskatoon. SK. S7M 0Z9

Raymond Utigard

June 9 1961 – Feb 8 2022

It is with deep sadness that the family announces Raymond’s unexpected passing on Feb.8 2022 at the age of 60. He died at RUH with his family by his side. Raymond was born on June 9 1961 in Saskatoon Sk to Ron and Betty (nee Wright) Utigard and was the 5th of 6 children.

Raymond will be lovingly missed by Sherryl, his wife and best friend of 37yrs, his children Tessa (Adam) Basset, Rylan Utigard (Katie Krieger), Tara (Tyler) Cressman and his grandchildren Rhonnie, Walker and Billie Basset.  He is also survived by his siblings Diane (Willie) Kaufhold, Kirk Utigard (Lynne Framingham), Judy (Barry) Stefaniuk, Chris Utigard (Brenda Polley), sister in law Kim Lachappelle (Don Schiewe), many nieces and nephews and their families, Jack Lloyd and family and many many good friends.

Raymond was predeceased by his parents Ron and Betty Utigard, his sister Betty Anne Joy, and his parents in law Doreen Lloyd and Herman Lachappelle.

Raymond lived his life in Saskatoon except for a couple teenage years the family lived in Demain Sk. He was a journeyman mechanic, and that led him down many different career paths.  He had a lifelong passion for building and racing stock cars which came from his Dad and was passed to his son Rylan. He could fix anything, build anything, and drive anything. He had a passion for his wife Sherryl and they were always together whether they were attending the kids sporting events, racing, camping, quadding, sledding, playing cards or boating at the lake – alone or surrounded by family and friends.

In recent years the lake lot was Raymond’s happy place where he spent many joyful weekends working on projects with his grown children and playing with his beautiful grandchildren. His loss leaves us aching for his advice, his humour, and his hugs.

A Celebration of Life will be held at 2:00 pm on Saturday, February 19, 2022 in Cherished Memories Chapel, 591 Centennial Drive North, Martensville.


David “Wayne” Hiebert

Our beloved father, husband, brother, friend and Grandpa, Wayne Hiebert, passed away February 5, 2022. He is loved and remembered by his family: his darling wife of 40 years, Luana, son Dane and wife Sarah, daughter Daryl and husband Sean , and Wayne’s dear grandson Hutchy who has his grandpa’s love of a laugh and unfortunately , his forehead. Wayne was born David Wayne Hiebert, January 10, 1951 and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba with his brother Rick (Violet) and sister Sandy (Jim). Wayne’s early life was colourful, his stories of growing up, getting into trouble, motorcycle days and driving Janis Joplin in his taxi were thrilling adventures to listen to as kids. A kind and generous spirit, a best friend to many, Wayne was always ready to lend a hand. Friendship was everything to him, and he held many friends from his early life close to his heart. Everywhere he went it seemed there were people who’d find things to love about Wayne; his quick wit, his kindness, his knack of figuring out how to make something work. An incredibly modest and humorously self-deprecating man, his intelligence was masked by his humility. He had a long, rewarding career in hydraulics, and loved both the work and the people. Hunting, fishing, coaching softball and working on the family cabin kept Wayne busy. Greatly involved with the community around Shell Lake, he proudly served on the Shell Lake council for many years. Fishing and hunting were a huge part of Wayne’s life. Dane and Daryl will always remember being the test subjects for his later career as a hunting guide. He loved to take them fishing, never coming home before one of them caught the biggest fish in the Shell Lake fishing comp, rain, shine or snow His excursions to Molson Lake for annual fishing trips with friends hold many secrets we only wish we knew…or maybe it’s better we don’t! Wayne loved Luana. He always had a way of making her laugh, and always thought she was beautiful. “Where’s my Bride?!” he would say. Wayne loved and was so proud of his children: son , Dane, who fortunately inherited the Hiebert wit, and, unfortunately, the forehead, and Daryl Anne, the recipient of enduring doting support, and the forehead too… a prettier version. Only 2 months before he passed, Wayne spent 4 weeks in Australia visiting Daryl, Sean and Hutchinson. He was the doting grandpa, never tiring of sword-fighting with baby forks over blueberries or taking Hutch on trolley rides, “crash-boom!” The two were thick as thieves and Hutch will carry his grandpa’s love throughout his life. Wayne and Luana spent a wonderful Christmas 2021 in Mexico, just the two of them, relaxing and basking in the glow of being exhausted grandparents. Throughout 2021, he was so happy to spend significant time with Dane and Sarah. He couldn’t have been prouder when consulted about Dane’s intended proposal to Sarah and later witnessing their wedding in Ottawa last May. While we are so sad to let go of our dear Dad/Wayne/Guido/Grandpa, we know we were so lucky to have him. We’re also grateful that he moved on peacefully and that he’s not a long-suffering and grumpy patient. He was a great man who loved his family and community above all. We are grateful for the compassionate care he received from the staff at St. Paul’s Hospital, and for the loving kindness of dear friends who carry his family through this loss. 

Memorial Service will be held Sunday, February 13, at 1:00pm at Cherished Memories Funeral Chapel, 591 Centennial Drive North, Martensville, SK.

Alice Kroczynski

December 22, 1933 – February 6, 2022

Alice Jane Kroczynski passed away peacefully at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon on the morning of February 6, 2022. She is survived by her devoted husband of 64 years, Rick Kroczynski, her children, Jim (Deb), John (Deb), Tom (Jackie), and Patty (Stéphane), her 16 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her parents, Charles and Ellen Meagher, her two brothers, Chuck and Tom, and a beloved nephew, Young Chuck.

Alice will be remembered first and foremost as a loving, caring, and attentive wife, mother, aunt, and grandmother. She was also a steadfast and thoughtful friend, remaining connected throughout her life to members of the SPH Nurses Alumni group. She loved to sew and knit, to play the piano and the organ, to read any manner of books, and she was famous for her canned peaches, dill pickles, and butter tarts.

Alice was born in Delisle, and, with her family, took a detour through Kinley before settling in Saskatoon as she was starting school. She attended St. Joseph’s Elementary, where she skipped grade four to join her brother Tom in grade five, and was a proud graduate of Nutana Collegiate, showing her support for her alma mater most recently by attending its 100th anniversary in 2010. In 1952, she began training at St. Paul’s Hospital School of Nursing, and graduated in 1955. She married Rick in 1957, and, in 1958, started to raise a family that grew to four kids by 1971.

After a brief stint in Melfort, where she and Rick tried their hand at running a 24-hour gas station, they settled in Vanscoy in 1977 before moving to an acreage nearby in 1980. In Vanscoy, Alice became an active member of the community, taking a job at the village post office and assuming the position of organist at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, where she and Rick provided the music ministry for more than 20 years. She loved their life out on the acreage, in every season, and was granted her wish that she never live anywhere else.

Alice’s family would like to thank the staff of St. Paul’s Palliative Care unit for their care and kindness during her stay there. In lieu of flowers, please send donations in Alice’s name to Hospice at Glengarda through the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation.

A funeral Mass will be held on Friday, February 11, at 1:00 p.m. at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church in Vanscoy.




Kenneth Peter Neufeld

Feb. 2, 1953 –Feb. 5, 2022
On Feb.5, in the presence of his loving family, Ken took up his residence in the room that was prepared for him in his Father’s house.
Ken was born and raised in Warman and lived almost his entire life here. He truly cared about his hometown and was honoured to serve as alderman on the Town Council for twelve years. This council was instrumental in implementing the storm sewer system and pavement throughout the town in the 1980’s. He worked briefly in Thompson, Manitoba, along with friends from Warman and Osler. In the spring of 1972, he began his 47 year career at ASL Paving Ltd. He started out on the road, on the back end of the paver in summer and in the parts dept, in the winter. As our family grew, he made the decision to no longer go out the road, and was full time in the parts room, moving up to parts manager. He loved the company, his job, and had a good relationship with both management and coworkers. He reluctantly retired due to his health.
Ken is survived by his loving family: Wife of 42 years, Shelley
Son & “Daughter” Jason & Heather
Son & “Daughter” Scott & Rachel; Granddaughters Elli, Lily & Brynn
Daughter & “Son” Jenn & Blake; Granddaughter Zoe, Grandsons Logan & Everson
Being a Papa was a joy to him and he loved whenever any of his grandchildren came over; if they got too loud, he just took out his hearing aids!!! We will all love and miss him forever

He was a man of great faith who knew that his faith and strength came from His Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He continued to praise Him until the very end, and is now praising him in person.

He is also survived by his mother, Nettie, his siblings: Ev (Ron); Don (Shelly); Cathy and their families, and Sister-in-law Elsie.
The service will be held Friday, February 11th 1:30 pm at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 123 S. Railway St, Warman. The service will be live-streamed on youtube via

For those attending, please be advised that proof of full vaccination or negative PCR test, and masking was requested by Ken himself, and we, his family are honouring his request. We ask for full understanding and cooperation of these wishes during this difficult time. Thank you

For anyone wishing to do so, memorial donations can be made to St. John’s Lutheran Church; specified to go towards the wheelchair lift fund, as per Ken’s wishes.



Gay Marie Morton

July 10, 1946-February 2, 2022

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Gay. Our dear mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend, passed away peacefully, February 2, 2022 at Oliver Lodge with family by her side.
She is predeceased by her husband Barry of 39 years.
She is survived, loved and remembered by her daughter, Lorrie Lutz (Stan), Grandchildren, Derek Lutz (Brett), Kaylee Lutz (Mike), Brother, David (Cleveland), and sister, Anne (Cleveland). Nieces, Georgia (Alexia) Sullivan, Lara (Joseph and Drew) Sullivan, JoEl (Zachary) Sullivan.
Gay enjoyed camping and fishing, riding motorcycle, music, dancing, to read and to bake.
Gay enjoyed many friendships and fun regularly attending dances at the Senior Centre and Legion. Her dance family meant a lot to her.
Gay worked at Sasktel as an operator for 25 years. Her work family was incredibly close, loving and supportive throughout her years there.
Thank you to ALL at Oliver Lodge for all the love and care you gave to her. Amazing and grateful!!
A Celebration of Gay’s Life will be held  Saturday, February 12, 2022 at 1:00pm at Cherished Memories Funeral Services , 591 Centennial Drive North, Martensville, SK.
In lui of flowers, donations may be made to the Cancer Centre of Saskatoon or the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Society of Saskatchewan.

Arrangements entrusted to Martens Warman Funeral Services.

 Grace Terleski

We are heartbroken to inform our friends that MOM is finally getting peace and rest. She slipped away on January 30th at 2p.m. at the age of 82 years at the Sunnyside Nursing Home in Saskatoon.
Grace was born on December 2, 1939 to Karl and Ella Klabunde in Wisconsin, USA. She met John Terleski at a convention in Chicago. At the age of 16, she married John at the kingdom hall in Dorchester, WI and then they moved to Canada. They ran the homestead at Rockford, SK for a few years. Then shortly afterwards they moved to Esterhazy, SK. where they ran Terly’s Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning, and raised 9 children. After John passed away on November 5, 1991, Grace and the younger children moved to Saskatoon. There, mom continued in her love for Jehovah and his creation. She kept busy fishing, growing gardens, flowers, trees and grape vines. Another of her great loves was sewing anything from tents, truck and skidoo seats, to making or altering wedding dresses as well as all kinds of upholstering—even training some of the grandchildren to sew.
Grace is survived by her 9 children, 11 grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren. David; Daniel (Val); Darius (Debbie); Deborah (Peter); Diane; Drusilla; Dathan (Katherine); Demetrius (Danielle); Damaris.
Yes, she had a love for the letter “D.” This came back to haunt her as she got older and could not remember who was who, other than their name started with “D.” As well, all of the children’s middle names start with “R.”
She is survived by her 2 sisters Rosie and Pearle, and brother Bob, all of whom live in the USA.

Grace had a wonderful lifelong faith in her God: Jehovah. She was baptized in 1948 and continued her faithful service to Jehovah, listening to a zoom meeting with dear lifelong friends in the Esterhazy Congregation just 2 hours before her passing.

There will be a service via Zoom on Saturday, February 12th- the service starts at 2pm, but we ask that everyone joins the service by 1pm.

Zoom sign in information is:

Meeting ID:     867 6608 6600
Passcode:       302946



Duane Carruthers

It is with great sadness we announce the untimely passing of Duane Stephen Carruthers. Duane is survived by his wife Glenda, daughter Rianna, son in law Devon and grandson Daxon. He will lovingly be remembered by his parents Blaine and Cathy Carruthers; sister Carrie Rayat (Rob), brother Stuart Carruthers, sister Sheilah Carruthers (Dave); sister and brother in law Janine and Larry Walter. Also left to cherish his memory are his nieces and nephews: Dustin Rayat, Noelle (Kyle) Crooks, Dylan Rayat, Haley Rayat, Raven (Chris) Fabian, Autumn Carswell, Noah Carswell, Willow Carswell, Daniel (Tiffany) Walter, Justin (Haley) Walter and Alecs Walter; great nieces and nephews include Ava and Sawyer Crooks, Spencer and Eleanor Carswell, Esme Fabian, Preston and Sophia Walter. Honorary pallbearers include “his boys”, Lawrence Mantyka, Greg Elliot, John Barnsley, Dave Bilanski, Tim Tkachuk and Raj Randhawa. Duane was shattered by the death of his son Aaron in 2016, and it gives us comfort in knowing they are together. Due to COVID a private family service will be held. In lieu of flowers please consider making a donation to a charity of your choice.

John Scappaticci

John Scappaticci 1935-2022

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

John was one of seven children, falling right in the middle. He was pre-deceased by his older sisters, Teresa & Jessie, older brother James (Gimi), younger brother Philip. He is survived by his brother Andrea and sister Christina.

John met & married Josephine Corbett in 1958, theirs was a love story that would last a lifetime. The family grew to include three children, Teresa, Jaqueline (Chris) & Johnnie (Shona).

We moved to Canada in October of 1967, and continued to grow. Jakki (Darcy) blessed the family with Dylan, Chelsea & Mandy (Gavin).

Johnnie (Linda) blessed them with Anna & Alex. The great-grandchildren started to arrive. Chelsea (Giovanni)with Haiden & Gianna, Anna (Donovan)with Lacon & Dax, Alex (Lorelei) with Josephine & Clayton. Family was everything for John, he loved all his siblings, in-laws, nieces & nephews, cousins & their children, he had a way of making everyone feel important and special, because they were to him. Many of whom enjoyed his hospitality at the Candle Lake cabin.

John grew up in Edinburgh, entering the Royal Air Force at 20yrs old. He apprenticed as a carpenter at Robb’s Shipyard in Leith then shifted careers to vending machines & jukeboxes. He continued in Canada with vending, seeing a need, John proposed to the U of S to start their own vending services, the proposal was accepted. Later his position came to include the management of Conferences & Residences. For a time, surplus assets was also a part of his work. John retired prematurely, due to his loss of sight. He was a soccer (football) player and was involved in the Saskatchewan Soccer Assoc. John gave up golf when he came Canada, in order to spend more time with the family, however his passion for golf was re-ignited, by the SK Blind Golf Assoc. He went on to win numerous tournaments and play in several countries. John was also a member of the Masonic Lodge (Oliver Lodge). He was an avid photographer & music lover, two of his passions he enjoyed until the end.


Rick Gunderson


It is with profound sadness that the family of Rick Gunderson announce his sudden passing on January 19th at the age of 59.

Rick was raised in the Mont Nebo / Shellbrook area, the oldest child of Arnold and Frances Gunderson. He is lovingly remembered by his wife Elaine, Saskatoon, and children Cole (Allyssa) Gunderson and family Elsie and Mae, Martensville; Kendall (Jordan) Person and family Sawyer and Cash, Canwood; and Shelby Gunderson, Saskatoon.

Rick is also survived by his:

Brother Terry (Alice) Gunderson, Sherwood Park, and family Marty (Tracy) Gunderson and children Lindy, Dylan, Cole, and Jade; Kurt (Karen) Gunderson and children Ellie and Nathan; TM (Julie) Gunderson and children Kayden, Tristan, and Alyx.

Sister Karen (Morley) Rudolph, Mont Nebo, and family Chris and Jaimie (Rachelle) Rudolph.

Sister-in-law Laurel (Blair) Hildahl, Estevan, and family.

Brothers-in-law Robert (Trish) Duncan, Estevan, and family; Bruce (Margaret) Duncan, Estevan, and family.

Aunts Vivian McNeilly, Armella (Al) West, Elsie Gunderson.

Uncle Bill (Brenda) McNeilly.

Numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.

He is predeceased by:

Parents Arnold and Frances Gunderson.

Parents-in-law Barry and Doreen Duncan.

Grandparents Gunder and Asborg Gunderson, Tom and Sarah McNeilly, (Elzzie McComas).

Uncles Jacob, John, Isaac, and Ingvald Gunderson; David and Gordon McNeilly.

Aunts Ilma, Edna, Dorothy, and Marg Gunderson.


Rick was a generous and humble man who exhibited love and graciousness to those he met.  He thoroughly enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, and all were touched by his sense of humor and kindness.  Rick studied Agriculture and made farming his work passion.

A celebration of life service will be held in Shellbrook, SK within the next few months.

In lieu of flowers, those so wishing may make donations in memory of Rick to Mont Nebo Cooperative Association Limited (MNCAL – Mont Nebo Hall), Mont Nebo Evangelical Free Church (directed to Aaseral Cemetery Fund), or a charity of your choice.

Lyle Mohn

Sadly we announce the passing of our brother and uncle, Lyle Palmer Mohn, on January 21 at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.
Lyle was born on May 13, 1951 in Birch Hills, Saskatchewan and grew up in the Tiger Hills/ Birch Hills area.  He graduated from high school at Birch Hills and immediately went out to B.C. to work.  He worked in the Quesnel area and then moved to the lower mainland with his widowed mother.  They lived in Delta, B.C. for many years.  He worked in the auto service areas of several dealerships until his retirement. He also served as his mother’s primary care giver following the death of his step-father.  Lyle returned to his birth community of Birch Hills in 2010.
Lyle acquired an acreage on his father’s former home quarter section and loved being there until his final hospitalization.
He enjoyed helping friends and neighbours with mechanical, electrical and plumbing issues, putting their needs ahead of his own.  As his brother Bruce said, “He would do anything for anybody.”
Lyle is survived by his brothers Bruce and Duane (Mary), his two nephews Kent and Tyler and his three nieces Nicholina, Lindsey and Erica and their families.  He was pre-deceased by his father Oscar, his mother Lois and his stepfather Ashley Smith.
He was a very skilled photographer.  His hobbies included golfing and curling.  He was an active member of the Royal Canadian Legion in Birch Hills.   His life will be celebrated at a Legion Memorial service later this year.   No date has yet been set.
Anyone wishing to make a memorial donation may do so to the Prince Albert branch of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1125 North Industrial Drive, Prince Albert, Sask. S6V 6J9 or to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #122 Poppy Fund, Box 96, Birch Hills, Sask. S0J 0G0.


Luc Durette

August 20th 1956 to January 17th 2022

It is with sad and heavy hearts that Luc’s family share that he passed away peacefully at home at the age of 65.

He is survived by:

his loving wife Lynn,

Son Mike & wife Mel, their children Owen and Sadie,

Daughter Chantal & her children Trinity and Izabelle.

Father in Law Mike Struhar,

Siblings:  Jocelyne Howland and Jim Plummer, Carol and Don Paquette, Dennis and Mefil Durette, Real Durette, Colette Durette, Rejean Durette, Brian Struhar,

and lots of nieces and nephews on both sides

Special People to Luc:  Ray and Sylvia Laitres   & His Scorpio Family

Luc was Predeceased by:

his parents Maurice and Bernadette Durette, & his Mother in Law Doris Struhar

Luc grew up on the farm outside of Debden SK. And he never lost his love for family, the outdoors or his strong work ethic. All 3 proved to be evident throughout the remainder of his life. He was an avid hunter starting from his teens continuing yearly till 2020.

Although Luc loved to fish, Todd introduced him to deep sea fishing several years back and he was HOOKED. He also became a very serious Bee Keeper spending countless time and energy on this project, but he enjoyed it. I think you’re lucky if you manage to get his Honey this last year. Luc’s love for nature remained who he really was.

Luc met Lynn in1982 and they have been fortunate to be friends ever since. They married in 1987 joining their families together. Luc absolutely loved his family and would do anything for them. They became part of the driving force for his success. Their son Mike and daughter Chantal meant the world to him, and when the grandchildren came along it brought a new level of Love into his life. Luc always had a soft spot for the nieces and nephews and still has valued relationships with several of them.

Luc and Lynn took on their life together supporting each other through the good and the not so good celebrating their 34th anniversary just in November. They went through many adventures that he spoke more and more throughout this last year. They were blessed enough to have traveled somewhere warm almost every year and still were able to give back to a worthy cause or two. His generous nature helped support the Saskatoon Cancer Center through Choc la Cure from 2008 till 2019.

Luc started his career in the construction industry in 1976, working with Luc Tremblay and Andy Houde.  Being a bricklayer was the perfect choice for him his strong body structure, his strong work ethic and of course an outside job. By 1979 he was Journeymen Certified (Winning the Golden Trowel). His personality for excellence stood out and it never took long before it paved the way to owning and operating his successful company Scorpio Masonry SK LTD., with a crew of amazing bricklayers whom became his other family. His personal and business successes were many but he always remained humble, loyal but proud. He somehow understood what it took give credit where is due work hard, and have relationships-based integrity. Luc was well respected throughout the construction Industry as a whole. He was very involved in the masonry Industry promoting and serving on the board of the Sask. Masonry Institute for many years, and as President.  Also supporting in the Canadian Masonry Institute for many years. He remained interested and involved till his retirement.

Luc’s highest personal achievement out of over 300 plus building in his career was when he was awarded the contract to do the stone work for a Douglas Cardinal design building. The Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre on the U of S Campus.

Then winning the Presidential Award for it in the 2016 Masonry Design Awards.  That same year his personal residence won the Award of Excellence in its category. He was so proud of his men and for himself.

Luc was an intelligent strong determined man those characteristics served him well as he recovered from a cancerous brain tumor in 2008. Then again in 2018 when diagnosis of colon cancer he did what he felt he had to do. After that he choose to live out his best life with Lynn. Passing away in their home with family.

Luc wanted us to celebrate his life, and we will do so on Monday, January 24, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. at Cherished Memories Funeral Home, 591 Centennial Drive North, Martensville.


funeral homes in or near Prince Albert, SK

David Reddekopp

With sadness in our hearts and joy in our souls, we the family of David Reddekopp, announce his sudden passing to go HOME to be with his Lord and Saviour on the 18th of January, 2022.

David was born and grew up on the family farm in the Steele School district near Hague, SK on March 31, 1941 to Maria (Doell-1949) & John M. Reddekopp (1963).

David is survived by his wife Gaile of nearly 54 years, their daughter Jean: daughter Bernice (John) and granddaughters Tahnee & Alexa, his brother Henry and many nieces and nephews and cousins. Sisters in laws Annie and Bertha Reddekopp: Gailes’s family: sister in law Bernadette (Bradley-2015) Marie (Les), Glenda (Cliff), Bonnie (David).

Predeceased by his parents, brothers and their wives; John, Peter (Annie), Jacob (Susie), Abe, baby brother David, and sisters Mary (Jerry), Leona (Henry), Anne (Henry) and many nephews and nieces.

Funeral will be held on Saturday, January 22, 2022 at 2:00pm at Cherished Memories Funeral Chapel in Martensville. Interment will occur at the Schoenwiese Cemetery following the service.

A livestream link has been set up for anyone unable to attend the service at

Also a beautiful tribute to David  can be seen at

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