Memorial ideas after cremation service can be simple or elaborate, depending on your preference and budget. There are many different options to consider when planning a memorial after cremation. You may want to hold a service at a funeral home, religious center, or other special location. You could also choose to have a gathering at your home or another venue. Whatever you decide, there are many ways to commemorate the life of your loved one after their cremation.

If you are considering cremation, here are some ideas for commemorating your loved one’s life.

How to plan a memorial service after cremation?

When a loved one dies, it can be difficult to know how to plan their memorial service. If you’re considering cremation, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when planning the service.

First, you’ll need to decide whether you want a traditional funeral service or a more informal gathering. If you’re planning a traditional funeral service, you’ll need to find a funeral home that offers cremation services. Many funeral homes will allow you to have the service at their facility, or they may have a separate crematorium on-site.

You’ll also need to decide what type of urn you would like to use for your loved one’s ashes. There are many different styles and sizes of urns available, so you’ll need to find one that fits your budget and your loved one’s personality.

Once you’ve decided on the type of service and the urn you’d like to use, you’ll need to choose a date and time for the service. It’s important to give yourself and your family time to grieve before planning the memorial service, so you’ll need to decide on a date that’s at least a few weeks after the cremation.

You’ll also need to choose a location for the service. If you’re having the service at a funeral home, they will likely have a chapel or other space that you can use. If you’re having the service at a church, you’ll need to check with the church to see if they have any rental fees or other requirements.

Once you’ve chosen the date, time, and location for the service, you’ll need to start planning the details. You’ll need to decide who will speak at the service, what music will be played, and what other activities will take place. You’ll also need to order any memorial items that you want to have at the service, such as programs, photos, or candles.


Memorial Ideas

One of the biggest reasons that Warman, SK cremation services have a good reputation is because our clients have lots of freedom to design an ideal memorial. At Cherished Memories Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc, we specialize in working with our families to develop a personalized and unique tribute after cremation. In this article, we’ll look at the most popular choices for post-cremation memorials at our facilities and on your schedule.

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A Permanent Residence

Cemeteries aren’t just for earth burial anymore, as more people are choosing to pair cremation with a traditional funeral. The ashes will be stored in a cremation vault and laid to rest in a similar ceremony to a burial, or can be laid to rest in an above-ground mausoleum or scattered in the cemetery’s in-house scattering garden. This is ideal for when a family has a plot and wants to keep everyone together.

The Traditional Urn

The classic cremation urn is still the most popular choice for bringing ashes home, and it’s not hard to see why. These urns come in hundreds of styles, can be personalized with inscriptions, and are perfect for a place of pride on the mantle where everyone can be reminded of their loved one’s presence. The new urn designs are spill-proof, meaning you can display them proudly without worrying that a frisky cat will knock them over.

Goodbyes in the Wind

A popular choice for families after cremation services is to take the ashes home and then arrange a private scattering ceremony at a beloved location. We offer special scattering urns that allow for a controlled release even in windier weather. Cremation ashes are sterile, so it’s legal to scatter them in any public location. If you’re interested in scattering at a private location like a ballpark, we can put you in contact with the manager to discuss a time.

Split Decision

Many families want to take the ashes home but prefer to split them across more than one household. Ideal for bigger families, we offer a selection of miniature urns that are perfect for dividing the ashes between close family members. If you prefer a more portable option, we offer a selection of vials and pendants that can hold a pinch of ashes so you can wear them like jewelry and carry them with you at all times.

Unique Transformations

Cremation ashes can be incorporated into any number of substances, making it easy to create a personalized tribute. Artists often mix them with ink or paint to create unique artwork with a personal touch, and an experienced tattoo artist can mix them in with ink for a permanent tribute to the skin. Third-party companies can even compress the ashes into a synthetic diamond that makes for a stunning and near-unbreakable tribute.

Whether you want to host a memorial at our facilities or a private one at home, Warman, SK cremation services can help. Contact Cherished Memories Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc for more information on our services.